Solved Random command executed Every 1 hour

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Apr 11, 2022
So i want a skript that makes a list of commands then execute them randomly to all players every 1 hour

so for example i want every 1 hour to pick either to execute effect strength, haste, or jumpboost for 5 minutes and it will send a title to all players saying "Event %name of the effect% has Started"

if someone can help me it will rlly save a lot of time
You could create a list variable where you set the different names of commands inside of the list, and then every hour you make the server execute that command
every 1 hour:
    set {_effect} to random integer between 1 and 3
    if {_effect} is 1:
        broadcast "Event &cStrength has Started"
        apply strength 1 to all players for 5 minutes
    if {_effect} is 2:
        broadcast "Event &cHaste has Started"
        apply haste 1 to all players for 5 minutes
    if {_effect} is 3:
        broadcast "Event &cJump Boost has Started"
        apply jump boost 1 to all players for 5 minutes
There are other ways to do this but I find this method the easiest to use.
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