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  1. O

    Solved if now time between 9am and 20pm

    Hi, i want to write mini skript - if now time between 9am and 20pm → send "123" how can i do that? thank you
  2. J

    Turn variable into times minutes and seconds?

    variables: {timer} = 7200 {parsedtimer} = 7200 every 1 second: remove 1 from {timer} #set {_parsedtimer} to "%{timer}%" parsed as time span #broadcast "%{parsedtimer}% %{timer}%" if {timer} < 0: execute console command "lc respawn 1" set {timer}...
  3. L

    Solved Reading only dates from %now%

    I am using %now% to get the current date, and it works, my problem is that I want it to only display the date and not the time, but I don't understand how that would be done.
  4. C


    Hi, Can I somehow display the Minecraft time? (The time that can be changed with /time set ?)
  5. K

    Solved Check for specific minecraft world time?

    Hello I am planning to reset the resource world on my server using skript and I want the resource world to have the same time as all my other worlds or let's say specific world, but I don't know what is the correct code for check_time? Here is my code so far every 72000 ticks: make console...
  6. pokw

    How do I use Skript timestamp arguments?

    I was wondering on how to use the Skript timestamp arguments in a certain way. I looked this up and have found nothing on this and have been searching for a while now so I decided to go to the forums for help. Q: What does it look like to write out a timestamp when executing a custom command...
  7. N

    Solved Time difference for voting

    I wonder how to do this, if someone can fix this skript for me, I would really appreciate it. I found some stuff on the internet, but I didn't quite understand it, so this is why I am asking for this. every 5 minutes: loop all players: if {vote::cooldown::%loop-player's uuid%} is not set...
  8. Wolwer

    Solved Change data writing format

    Hi! I need help. I need to change data writing format from: 8/15/19 9:38 PM To 8-15-19 9:38 EST How to do this? Thanks <3
  9. A

    Real time is skript

    Hello, I'd like to use skrips to test real time. For example: at 8:10 pm, but this work only as minecraft time, but not for real time. I was looking for Google, Youtube tutorials, but without success. P.S. Sorry for my ban english :D
  10. Marsbar

    Solved Remove timespan from timespan

    Hello there, someone there knows how to make this skript so there will come the needed time to be released out? Sorry for bad english:P Timespan: 10 minutes every 1 second: loop all players: if {jail.%loop-player%} is true: set {jail.%loop-player%.Tilbage1} to...
  11. arther

    Time add doesn't really work.

    Hello, wonderful people of the SkUnity Community. I recently started to enter the "Skript-Flow" which lead me to make several creations that make me absolutely happy! Today I wanted to create a command that sets the world time fluidly instead of an instant time change. I'm sorry that some...
  12. Runakai

    skUtilities parse Date

    Hey! when i want to parse something as a text i get a error from SkUtilities. "Could not be parsed as index 2" i changed the date format in the config.yml in skript. When i dont parse it as a date i get the correct date format but the time is wrong and i can't add e.g 8 hours to it. There is no...
  13. D

    Weather and time only 4 one player

    I want do do a simple settings GUI where users (in SkyPvP) can set only there Own Weather and time. on npc right click: if citizen is named "&8● &cEinstellungen &8●": make player execute command "/§893424" stop command /§893424: trigger: wait 1 tick...
  14. BirdCanFly

    Solved -

  15. S

    Solved Timebomb Clear Drops

    Using this options: Perm: uhc.staff P: &8[&4TimeBomb&8] C: &b H: &f Excluded: Spawn Force: 10 command /TimeBomb <text>: permission: {@Perm} usage: /TimeBomb <On:Off> trigger: if arg-1 is "enable" or "on": set {TimeBomb} to true...