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Jun 3, 2019
I was wondering on how to use the Skript timestamp arguments in a certain way. I looked this up and have found nothing on this and have been searching for a while now so I decided to go to the forums for help.

Q: What does it look like to write out a timestamp when executing a custom command that using the timestamp argument?

I didn't find the answer to this question anywhere surprisingly enough so if I could get some help that would be awesome. If you could, I would like to know all or at least most of the possible ways to format writing out a timestamp argument correctly when attempting to execute a custom command.

I want to do this with no addons or as little as possible if I really do need them and the version of Skript shouldn't really matter although if it does, I'm currently using a Minehut server which using a custom version of Skript, 2.5-alpha6-MH and when I checked the version using Vixio (this was a while ago) I believe it said Skript was running 2.2 if you need that.

Thanks for trying to help! :emoji_grinning:

Sorry for not using the help request format, it's bugged for me, not sure about others.
Not open for further replies.