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  1. aabss

    disky online command

    i need help with my online command, discord command online: prefixes: . trigger: set {_s::*} to the string argument split at "," reply with "Online players: %join all players with "" | ""%" it wont work Errors:
  2. C

    Clicker server

    I have a scoreboard with balance for my clicker server (here is the skript for it) function formatNum(n: number) :: string: set {_l::*} to split...
  3. ClaasCode

    Solved UnparsedLiterals must be converted before us

    Hello, i get the Error from the title my Code: on break: if event-block is a gold block: addCoins(player, "Test", 5) function addCoins(name: player, message: text, amount: number = 1): set {_uuid} to uuid of {_name} send "%{_uuid}%" to console
  4. L

    Solved Is there a way to customize ban messages?

    I am aware of reasons but that does not make the ban message look good. If anyone knows how to please do tell me.
  5. C

    Is this possible?

    I am trying to make a bedwars server and i would like to use citizens for the npcs. It will only open the shopon right click of a villager. Is there any way to simulate a villager or spawn a villager and make the player right click it and then remove the villager.
  6. L

    Keep setting a § after

    So my animated scoreboard keep setting a "§" after its very annoying here is what it look like :( every 50 ticks: set {name} to "&9&lO" wait 50 ticks set {name} to "&a&lO" wait 50 ticks set {name} to "&4&lO"...
  7. D

    Solved PLS HELP me with kitpvp GUI Only will works if you in region: Kitpvpspawn

    Pls help me With this i want it taht the command only work in Region: kitpvpspawn command /kitpvpkits: trigger: if "%region at player%" contains "kitpvpspawn"] open chest with 1 rows named "&a&lSelect kit" to player wait 1 tick format slot 0 of player with...
  8. L

    drop party enchant fail

    so in the bottom, you can see what I drop and this is a beacon drop/drop party script but I cant enchant the drops :( command /dpsstart: permission: beacon.drop permission message: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help. trigger: set {dp::start} to true send "Beacon...
  9. D

    pls help me fix this error

    ts error i dont know why pls help me fix it on join: while player is online: wait 3 ticks wipe player's sidebar set name of sidebar of player to "&a&lSkyGrind99" set score "&c&lWelcome" in sidebar of player to 14 set score "&e%player%" in sidebar of player to 13 set score "" in sidebar of...
  10. J

    Help me

    command /enchant [<text>] [<integer>] [<text>]: permission: timtheenchanter.jaydev permission message: "&e[Tim] I don't think so." trigger: if arg 1 is "protection" or "protect": arg 2 is set: arg 3 is not set: enchant the...
  11. O

    (Support) Hey, I need some tips!

    Hi all! I was wondering if you can give me some tips and tricks on how to make my skripts less laggy and more efficient. Also, question: Roughly how many variables could i have without causes the server to start having issues, eg load issues, lag issues etc.. Im currently running a 3.2GB...
  12. N

    Offering Any Scripts to be made for $

    Details Hi, my name is Adrian and I am willing to make any script you would like, for money. By paying, you allow me to receive some cash for my hard work. I am dedicated to work on any script that will take anywhere from 1 hour to even 10 hours (depending on the price). Contact My discord is...
  13. D

    I need again support ;D

    So i need again support on this script. code: on rightclick on a sign: if line 1 of event-block is "[geldautomat]": set line 1 to "§8§m----------------" set line 2 to "§2§lBank§a§lAutomat" set line 3 to "§7§oKlick Hier" set line 4 to "§8§m----------------"...
  14. D

    Please i need help

    Good morning, I need help on my script. Here are the code: on rightclick on a sign: if line 1 is "[text]" open chest with 3 rows named "text.command" to player
  15. K

    Setting slots to item variables...?

    Skript Version: dev34 Skript Author: Klyser8 Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 --- Full Code: on inventory click: if clicked type is right mouse button: if name of event-inventory contains "Booth": if event-slot is not air: if event-slot is not diamond hoe:85...
  16. Ayham Alali

    Script Advanced Double Jump [Custom] [UUID Support] 1.0

    Join our Discord for support Advanced DoubleJump: is a Custom & Advanced Skript made by Ayham Alali for his server (OPG4MERS), and he decided to share it with you, so you can use it too :emoji_slight_smile: Why Advanced? Well take a look at Features section :emoji_slight_smile: Full...