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  1. Dominiiikk_

    Solved Spawner Pickaxe

    Hey, I'm basically trying to make a spawner pickaxe. But every time I mine the spawner I only get the blank spawner without the set mob inside. How to fix it? :( on break of mob spawner: if player has permission "minespawner.all": if player's tool is netherite pickaxe...
  2. J

    Preventing players from breaking spawners in the world

    How can I prevent players from breaking and obtaining spawners that exist in the world on my server? But there is a spawner plugin on my server, players can buy spawners from the market, put them in and break them, I just want them not to be able to get the spawners created in the world.
  3. Runakai

    Script Level your Spawner! 1.0

    This script was only tested on 1.16 and 1.15 but should work on all versions that support SkBee's nbt syntax. This Script requires SkBee This Script allows you to upgrade following Entities: Pig, Chicken, Fox, Cat, Wolf, Cow, Sheep, Mooshroom, Horse, Blaze The wool block will be green, if...
  4. J

    Want to make dragon egg do something

    I was wondering if anyone can help me out with a code for Skirpt. (only works in overworld) You place down the dragon egg, it will start spawning skulkers, drop end city / ship blocks, chorus fruit, end rods, and end banners. It will not spawn the following: Obsidian, enderchest, elytras...
  5. FokaStudio

    on break of spawner: working only in creative

    on break of spawner: set {_nbt} to nbt of event-block drop 1 spawner with nbt "{BlockEntityTag:%{_nbt}%}" so this is basically my code, and for some reason, all spawners that drop are pig spawners EXCEPT when player is in creative mode. I have attempted to fix it several times, but...
  6. N

    Custom Mobspawners

    Hello everyone, I want to make a skript where you have for example a pig spawner. but in stead of it spawning a pig it spawns a zombie with a name etc. How would i do this. I want a pig spawner because pigs can spawn in the daylight and zombies can't. I already had a skript what worked fine but...
  7. S

    Check what type of egg is in spawner?

    Hi, I'm writing a script so that you can break spawners and get the type of spawner with the egg in your hand. I'm new to skript and there isn't anything inside of the documentation that seems to help with this problem: Current Code: on break of spawner: if player's held item isn't air...
  8. L

    Solved Custom Mob Spawner

    Category: ? Suggested name: CustomSilkSpawner What I want: 1. If you break a spawner (doesn't need silk touch) it'll drop the spawner complete with it's nbt tags or whatever (like Spawn Range, Spawn Delay, etc) 2. If you place a spawner it'll place it complete with it's nbt tags or whatever ^...