Want to make dragon egg do something

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Jairo Echevarria

New Member
Mar 28, 2021
I was wondering if anyone can help me out with a code for Skirpt.

(only works in overworld) You place down the dragon egg, it will start spawning skulkers, drop end city / ship blocks, chorus fruit, end rods, and end banners. It will not spawn the following: Obsidian, enderchest, elytras, endermen, potions, brewing stand, ladders or any type of stairs

Dragon Egg will spawn these items / entities based of the rarity of it. So skulkers will spawn every 25 to 30 secs, the rest of the blocks / items will drop every 25 to 40 seconds

It would be amazing is someone could help me out with this
You don't have to put all the spawing mob code, I just want more or less a template on how to do it
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