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  1. erenkara

    Script LiteBans Listener 1.0.0

    A simple script for listening to events of LiteBans. Made and tested with: - skript-reflect v2.4 - Hippo v1.1.1-PRERELEASE-5 - LiteBans v2.12.4 Installation: Drag and drop, no configuration needed. It is not recommended to rename the script. It was named that way so it loads before other...
  2. Soren

    Script Gui Maker 1.02

    Skript GUI Maker v1.01 Report any issues on SkUntity. Issues that aren't reported can't be fixed! Requirements: Skript 2.7+, Skript-reflect, SkBee. Usage: Arrange your GUI in a chest block. Execute the command /createGui <name> <rows>. Open the chest to generate a GUI function in...
  3. italo

    Set CustomName to arrow

    I want to create custom arrows, part of which I have already done in IntelliJ, and it works, but the arrows are issued through Skript. How can I set a custom name for the arrow so that I can check it in IntelliJ? command /test: trigger: if arg-1 is set: set {_item} to arrow...
  4. erenkara

    Script Buttons 1.0.2

    Introduction This resource allows you to add pressable buttons to Minecraft, you can run any code when a button is pressed. It uses the offhand swap button but everyone will see their own key binds in the text. Requires skript-reflect and SkBee Usage There are 2 steps, placing our button and...
  5. coolblue

    Solved (REFLECT) NPCClickEvent not working

    Ok, so I have this code here and i've been trying to work on it for a day but I believe something is handling this first which is why it's not working. I had this code working in my server hub fine, but then as soon as I restarted my hub it also broke there just like in my survival server (the...
  6. erenkara

    Script Animated BossBars 1.0.0

    Easily display animated boss bars using Animated BossBars. It supports PAPI placeholders but it is disabled by default. Enable it inside Installation Unzip inside plugins/Skript/scripts. Requires skript-reflect and SkBee Usage Method 1 - Using the config Create a bossbar...
  7. C

    Spawn an Server-Sided Bot and NPC

    Hello, I am wondering how do i spawn a server sided bot (player that shows up in commands) and an NPC (that doesnt show up in commands( I think this is possible with Skript-reflect but idk how to do it I am doing this for a project
  8. Denloself

    how to make shield cooldown with skript-reflect?

    i am trying to make shield cooldown with skript-reflect, but i have no idea what to do, my code looks like this now: import: org.bukkit.entity.LivingEntity on damage of player: if victim is blocking: set {_p} to the victim {_p}.setShieldBlockingDelay(20) no error in...
  9. I

    Skript-Reflect Fishing how to set event state and mob catch

    I would like to know if anyone knows how to set the event state so for instance how to set the event state to CAUGHT_FISH. I would also like to know how to make the player reel in a mob. import: org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerFishEvent on PlayerFishEvent: send...
  10. B

    Need help with skript-reflect packet

    Trying to figure out how to know when someone starts to mine a block, aborts it and finishes mining with the PacketPlayInBlockDig, and then run some code for it giving me control over the amount of time it takes to mine the block. I've looked online for days for some help in understanding it but...

    getter for WorldGuard flags - Via Skript-reflect

    Mc Version : git-Purpur-1613 (MC: 1.18.2) Skript ver: 2.6.1 hello I have a problem with this code, no matter what I do it still gives me the same error, I would like to make a snipset out of it but at the moment I can't move on either way, what exactly is it supposed to do? Returning a flag...
  12. M

    Solved Need help with skript-reflect and bungeebridge

    Skript Version: 2.6.1 Server Version:1.18.2 (Paper) Bungee Version: Waterfall So i wanted to do a /kick command on an bungeecord with skript-reflect. Im using the BungeeBridge API but it just outputs nothing: import: me.dommi2212.BungeeBridge.packets.PacketKickPlayer...
  13. dergrosehd

    Can't get Scoreboard objective scores with bukkit event

    Hi, I would like to use an expression to read scoreboard objectives. Unfortunately, I get only an error and no output. My code: inport: org.bukkit.scoreboard.Score expression score of %player% out of [objective] %string%: get: return...
  14. Zackwall

    skript-reflect how do i add `or` to custom conditions?

    Does anyone know how to add an `or` to a custom condition? i tried this condition minigame %string% %player% status is %string% [or %string% [or %string%]]: it works when i do if minigame "test1" player status is "test2" or "test3" or "test4": but when i do if minigame "test1" player status is...
  15. xxxHIxxx

    help (skript-reflect) don't work

    I have skript-mirror, wen I add skript-reflect the scoreboard doesn't work Do I need to remove skript-mirror and add skript-reflect? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My skript version is: Skript-25-dev MY server is: 1.8.8 /spigot...
  16. WoolBoy

    Help: Displaying Sword Entity Attack Animation with Skript-Reflect!

    Hello, I am creating a pvp server with custom enchants, and one of my enchants spawns a giant sword by creating an invisible giant holding the sword. I wish to be able to trigger the attack animation of the giant for all nearby players using packets or otherwise. Does anyone have a solution for...
  17. konnte

    Reflect Var?

    Is there a way to create a var in skript with reflect or something that includes no "{}" like in java?
  18. T

    How to solve this? Skript-Reflect

    Hello, I am trying to use the lunar api with skript reflect to activate the staff modules, but, when trying to activate them I get the following error in the console: (The server version is Paper 1.12.2) This is my code: import...