Need help with skript-reflect packet

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Bram van Es

New Member
Sep 21, 2020
Trying to figure out how to know when someone starts to mine a block, aborts it and finishes mining with the PacketPlayInBlockDig, and then run some code for it giving me control over the amount of time it takes to mine the block.
I've looked online for days for some help in understanding it but I still can't figure it out.
Do you use ThatPacketAddon or MundoSK or do you want to do it with only skript-reflect?
Do you have protocollib on your server to help with the packet stuff? If not you need to use NMS for packets.
I do have protocollib, but do you maybe have an example of how to use NMS for block dig packet? I see all these general examples but I can't make out how to put it in there.
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