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  1. R

    SkBee duration of potion effect change

    hi, i was trying to change duration of potion effect via skbee, but it gives a error code: on potion effect added: if "%event-potioneffecttype%" = "night vision": if potion duration of event-potioneffect converted to minutes is greater than 5: set potion duration of...
  2. G

    Timer with skBee help

    I am making a game, where players get a random item every 10 seconds. So far, the code works but the bossbar progress doesn't go down, and there isn't any errors. please help and thank you! every 10 second: loop all players: if {BedrockTowers::%loop-player%.random} = true...
  3. SirSmurfy2

    Script Skript | Custom Merchants 1.2.0

    == CUSTOM MERCHANTS == [ Required Plugins: Skript 2.8.2+, SkBee 3.4.0+, Skript-Reflect ] This Skript allows you to easily create, customize, and manage merchants. - MERCHANTS - Each merchant created allows you to set different trades Trades are saved and loaded when editing in the "Trade Editor...
  4. T

    how to make a sphere of particles around the player with skbee?

    i have nothing to write here just read the title
  5. phillysports2

    Varible displaying as <none> when there are mulitple names

    command /wl [<text>] [<offlineplayer>]: trigger: set {_player} to arg-2 set {_wl} to uuid of {_player} if {rank::%sender%} is "normal": NoPerms(sender, "SPECTATOR+") else: if arg-1 is "on": if {whitelist} is...
  6. Soren

    Script Gui Maker 1.02

    Skript GUI Maker v1.01 Report any issues on SkUntity. Issues that aren't reported can't be fixed! Requirements: Skript 2.7+, Skript-reflect, SkBee. Usage: Arrange your GUI in a chest block. Execute the command /createGui <name> <rows>. Open the chest to generate a GUI function in...
  7. drewax

    Solved not working fishing skript

    I wrote a script to change the loot in fishing and faced the problem that it does not work, although everything seems to be correct and the skbee addon is installed on fish: if fish state = caught fish: chance of 30 set item of caught entity to dirt named "2" chance of...
  8. cheezburga

    Script Better Text Displays 2.0

    Adds a command (/textdisplay) which allows you to create, copy or remove text displays in your world. SkBee was the addon used for the text displays. The command supports mini messages as the text, so make the most of that. This script requires Skript (obviously) and SkBee. It was coded using...
  9. dialed

    Script GUI Code Generator 1.0

    The Minecraft GUI Generator is a user-friendly tool designed to simplify the process of creating custom Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for Minecraft Skript scripts. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of customization options, this generator allows users to effortlessly design and...
  10. C

    Custom recipe with custom named items

    I'm trying to make a recipe for a item im making but with orange dye name "&6Blaze Dust", the skript loads fine but doesn't work, skript here: Can someone please help me?
  11. ZLatKo

    Solved error when drawing particles with argument

    hello everyone! Please help me to find a workaround to solve my problem. If you use "50, 80 and 120" instead of a variable, everything works. i need to use rgb variable in particle drawing but ran into this problem: command /test72 [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is "attackbullet"...
  12. erenkara

    Script Buttons 1.0.2

    Introduction This resource allows you to add pressable buttons to Minecraft, you can run any code when a button is pressed. It uses the offhand swap button but everyone will see their own key binds in the text. Requires skript-reflect and SkBee Usage There are 2 steps, placing our button and...
  13. erenkara

    Script Animated BossBars 1.1.0

    Easily display animated boss bars using Animated BossBars. It supports PAPI placeholders but it is disabled by default. Enable it inside Installation Unzip inside plugins/Skript/scripts. Requires skript-reflect and SkBee Usage Method 1 - Using the config Create a bossbar...
  14. B

    Can't make the block destroy stage reset

    in field 2 i have tried everything from -2 to 0 the block updtaes after 10 seconds or so
  15. M

    Disguising a MOB / Zombie

    command createbot: permission: op trigger: spawn zombie at player set name of last spawned entity to "SKPVPBot" set {_d} to player set disguise of last spawned entity to {_d} I have tried this but yet it didn't disguise into the player's skin.
  16. G

    Skbee Paste structure not working.

    I don't know why this isn't working, there are no console or skript reload errors. The messages work as needed just when it comes to pasting nothing is loaded. This is for extra credit at my school and I'm trying to do something different from everyone else. #why is this not working command...
  17. AsuDev

    Skript Chest Inventory Serialization (SkBee)

    This is a little tutorial on how to serialize chest inventories and items using SkBee. Main serialization function function serializeInventoryContents(inv: inventory) :: objects: loop (rows of {_inv})*9 times: set {_i} to slot (loop-value - 1) of {_inv} set...
  18. R

    Solved Trying to make a bossbar for a mob in SkBee

    I am making a boss fight that uses a blaze mob. When i run the command it creates a bossbar, but it does not update the bossbar with the health of the mob and does not make the bossbar invisible when the mob dies. command /blazetest: trigger: spawn blaze at location 1000.500, 160...
  19. Nikd0

    SkBee's structure rotation reset

    I need to get the default rotation of a SkBee structure, my code: on load: set {_s} to structure named "str" set {_l1} to location(-24,61,-285, world "world") set {_l2} to location(-19,56,-269, world "world") fill structure {_s} between {_l1} and {_l2} save structure {_s} now, if I...
  20. B

    Skript Invalid Book Tag

    i dont know why this skript when you made a book e give Invalid Book Tag i use skbee the native language is italian. Here my code. #DIPENDENZE: #Skript 2.6.2 #SkBee (Se usate una versione minecraft sotto la 1.17 scaricate SkBee 1.10.2...