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  1. Austral

    There's no player in a periodical event

    I'm trying to create a script that will check the time and write commands. But when I try to use placeholders I get an error: to use placeholders, I use Ersatz.
  2. Dominiiikk

    Custom Chat placeholer

    Hello, I want to make a custom placeholer, when a player's message includes "[kct]" it sends his normal message and replaces the "[kct]" part with a custom string. This is what I want it to look like. Its from a plugin. But mine looks like this: Im using this code, anyone knows how to split...
  3. 2


    Sloved, Delete the thread.
  4. Austral

    Placeholders don't work in comparison: more or less

    When I try to use a condition more or less for a placeholder, it doesn't work correctly. I use Ersatz and Skellett-2.0.9
  5. 2

    Solved Skript Conditions Doesn't Work With Placeholders

    This is a example code similar to my main code, when I run /statsmoney it literally does nothing and sends nothing. (The placeholders work fine if I don't use the if {_playerBalance}... for example if I just send a message with %{_playerBalance}% it will show my balance correctly but with if ...
  6. J

    PlaceholderAPI and skript

    I basicly have this skript that adds classes to the game and I wanted to make the variable that says in which class I am into a placeholder. How can I do it? Here is my skript: command /classes: trigger: make player execute command "/warp classes" options: #flash...
  7. Y

    Skript place holder?

    New to skript forum(Not skript,I have already used it for least a year),I am not getting any helps on discord as all guys trying to help me failed :/ The code: on right click: if name of player's tool is "&a騎士劍": if {KnightSwordLVL1::%player%} is not set: if...
  8. X

    Solved Placeholder Help

    Hello, can anyone say me please, how I can create and use an placeholder in script? Thanks xXTim08Xx
  9. K

    PAPI Skript addon

    Hey, There was a PAPI extension for Skript in the past ( However, this extension isn't working anymore. Can someone please give me alternative solution? I need PAPI to be able to display Skript variables as placeholder in...
  10. APickledWalrus

    Addon skript-placeholders 1.6.0

    This addon allows you to create your own PlaceholderAPI placeholders, which can be used in any plugin that supports it. You are also able to use PlaceholderAPI and MVdW placeholders within your scripts. It is a fork of Ersatz which has been updated to work with the newer versions of...
  11. R

    Placeholder Problem

    Skript Version: 2.3.7 Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Full Code: on command "/abcd": set {ISLAND_LEADER} to placeholder "mvdw_askyblock_team_leader_name" from player send "%{ISLAND_LEADER}%" to player if {ISLAND_LEADER} has permission "cd.lv2": send "2" to player if...
  12. Kamino_Ramos

    Chat placeholders, possible?

    I want to create my own clan system, and everything seems pretty clear but one thing, clan tags in chat. Idea is, similar to SimpleClans, leader of clan can choose clan tag, maximum of 3 symbols (color codes not in count), and this tag will be displayed near nickname of clam members, and if...