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  1. C

    Solved Error Detecting Held Item Skript

    Hi! I've been trying to create a mana skript for my server and I wanted an item to give you more mana. I created a command that did this, and it worked, but when I tried it with an item, it didn't. Here's my code: variables: {max.%player%} = 20 {mana.%player%} = {max.%player%} every 1...
  2. Duck

    Need help with offhand potion effects

    Hi, so I made a script for holding a specific item in your offhand and it gives potion effects. This works in with 1 or 2 people, but when tried on a whole server, there was a ton of lag. Any help? on inventory close: while player is online: loop all players: if player's...
  3. A

    Offhand swap delay

    Server Version: Paper-406 (MC:1.17.1) Skript Version: 2.6 Addons: skDragon v0.17.5 skRayFall v1.9.26 SkQuery v4.1.4 I have searched and I am not looking for how to detect what is in the offhand. I want to detect an offhand swap and if it has been detected within the last 3 seconds then cancel...
  4. revkilleri

    Solved Disable shield slot completely

    Hi, i really need help. I want to disable put shield item to offhand slot, but i dont have an idea how to solve it. This prevent only change item by press "F", but nothink more. I tried too "on inventory click:", but i need prevent put Shield item to slot 40 (offhand) in inventory. Any...