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  1. F

    Solved Setting the number in item's lore as a variable

    Hey everyone! I need your help about two problems. I am trying to make a money bag skript. Basically, when player right clicks with a book, I want an inventory to open with the number of gold nuggets according to the item's lore. Check the code you will get what I mean. on right click with book...
  2. Shroob

    Script BEMLE (Basically Every Math Library Ever) 0.0.3

    (DEPRECATED) skript but it has more math functions I find useful functions: Math_Sign(number): returns -1 if number is negative, 0 if number is 0, 1 if number is positive Math_IsFinite(number): returns false if number is infinite, returns true if number is finite Math_Factorial(number)...
  3. K

    every item not work in item arg

    Hello! In this code, I can give to me diamond but not diamond block or netherite block. Can you help me? command /givet <item> <number>: trigger: set {_ItemVariable} to arg 1 set {_num} to arg 2 set {_invcheck} to 0 set {_found} to false...
  4. P

    Sign with number of players

    Hey! How can I make the sign show the number of players in a world?
  5. F

    Solved How do I check if a variable has reached a certain number

    I am Skripting a RP-System (similar to gta experience levels) I only got one problem, how do I create a variable that only contains a number which I can check (e.g. if a variable has reached "20" it should trigger something or when it has reached the count of "40")? If someone is able to...
  6. O

    Integer Greater Than Help

    So I am trying to make a shop and I have the players money stored in a variable and I want it to check if the player the variable is an integer is greater than a certain number. Here is my code: command /shop: trigger: open "CHEST" with 1 rows named "&9Shop" to the player...
  7. aescraft

    Compare list values

    I want to make a slot machine with the minecraft colors. This is the slots: | A | B | C | | D | E | F | | G | H | I | So, it's 9 slots, and each slot can have one of the 14 out of the 15 minecraft chat colors. (excluded white) The issue I have is how to compare the result. I was doing...