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  1. acai

    Skript Using "Loops"

    Hello! Welcome to my second tutorial. This is a very simple lesson, but I am using it in a way some people would not. We will be using loops to count players, entities, and blocks today! How do I use loops, you may ask? After an event and the correct syntax, you can use a loop. Let's start with...
  2. N

    Solved Why does it crash my server after someone moves when he was afk?

    Well for some reason my code just makes the server crash when someone comes back from being afk. I have no idea why. Here is my code: command /setlimbo: permission: admin trigger: set {limbo} to location of player send "&eYou set the Limbo spawn to your current...
  3. E

    Solved Skript Error: loop-player is not a date

    I just got a problem with this loop-player thing, and really need help by fixing it.
  4. A

    Loop all players in a list ? HELP !

    Hello everyone ! I have a problem while making a Skript.. I made a list which is called {rtf.kit.tank::*} and I have some players added in this list. I want to loop all players who are in the list. How can I do ? Here is a code for example of using the loop all players in a list. Should I use...
  5. A

    Solved Loop-player help

    Hello, I using a latest version of the minecraft skript plugin and I have got a problem with.... There's no loop that matches 'loop-player has not permission "vanish2.sk" ' I usig some addons, but I not thing it's that. This is CODE in file core.sk: command /vanishsk: trigger: if...
  6. sOxTw

    [on chat:] with MySQL variables (Help me)

    Hello I need help, when trying to do a send "" loop-player using variables obtained from MySQL, it does not send to all the users that are in the list. Could you guide me in this? - if they ask, do not give any error in the console, simply the message is sent only to the first player that enters...