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  1. A

    Perform action if player is standing on sponge on world guard region

    Category: action/event Suggested name: kill or tp What I want: Hello , i want to make player falling if standing on a sponge block and wet sponge (forbide players standing on it) to disallow bridging with sponge on a certain region of world guard , i can't make my server public because of...
  2. crownowner

    Skript Request | Minecraft Event Skript

  3. F

    Make a Specified Custom Item execute an event ONLY if dropped on certain block

    I've been trying to get a specific custom item created via skript to create a broadcast, but ONLY if the specified block that i drop it on is dirt. Here's the code I have now, after trying many different options: on drop: set {item} to lime stained glass pane named "<grey>L1 Access" if...
  4. V

    Solved Selectors and arg-1

    Script Version: 2.6.3 BoringSK v2.0 Skellett v2.0.3 SkRayFall v1.9.27 SkQuery v4.1.6 SkBee v2.5.1 Vault v1.7.3 WorldGuard v7.0.7 Script Author: Me (Vxnku) Minecraft Version: 1.18.1 Full Code: command /Infect <text> <player>: permission: op trigger: if "%arg-1%" is "Zombie"...
  5. SWOEN

    How to fire a BlockBreakEvent with skript?

    I have a mines plugin (CataMines) and I want a pickaxe that mines a 3x3 area, but the plugin only resets mines when the blocks are broken by players, for example, if i set it to air with worldedit it takes about 3 minutes to reset, while it should reset instantly. I contacted plugin maker and...
  6. G

    Cancel Event Help

    Hello, I am trying to make it so it cancels the push event if the player is holding a shield. I really need this skript done soon any help would be appreciated. Here is my code: command /kb <number>: usage: /kb [values] trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-1 is smaller...
  7. NxunOnniluCrew

    Hiring CLOSED

  8. NxunOnniluCrew

    Hiring Perm Skript Developer for MC Wonders Event [PAID]

  9. C

    On push event

    Hey, is there any way of detecting when a player is getting pushed? Thanks!
  10. A

    How to detect when a player places a custom head.

    Topic (1) How could I detect when a player places a custom head? Topic (2) How could I place a custom head? Question (1) Could I just do on place: if event-block is a player head with nbt "%nbt%"? Please answer! Thanks in advance, AgentStrawberry
  11. J


    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a skript Objective: When a players mine a chest, it checks the items in the chest, & if it has a specific item, in this case for an example, a water bottle, it would cancel the event The skript still runs fine, however when I place a water...
  12. K

    Event win skript

    Hi, i need to setup Event/competention skript. I need command /eventstart <Event type> <Win>, /eventend <Winner>. I need to automaticly give the Essentials eco Win to the winner. My code looks like this (variable vyhra is the win variable) variables: {vyhra} = 0 command /event: aliases...
  13. F

    cancel event not working

    Hey guys! I did a shop, and i can take out item from the shop and dont even taking away my points. Heres the code: and if i try to click on it, i can just move around and get the block, place it down everything. And i dont know whats the problem with the skript.
  14. P

    Solved Can't use On Armor Unequip?

    When I use the event on armor unequip it throws an error. Can't figure out how.
  15. mmaalex22112

    Fetch and check region from player in water?

    Hey all, I've been recently trying to figure out how to check the region of a player who enters water. Right now I have this: on any movement: if block above the block below player is water: if block below region "pk1-aqua-w1": message "&8&lCrazed Man: &r&aThis is...
  16. K

    Black Hole Ability

    Hi Im trying to make a little event minigame! And with kits I want to make a blackhole ability that when u right click on a Firework star named &8&lBlack Hole For it to pull all the players in it to ward it please Help! Thank you for your time
  17. M

    Placed On Block Event?

    Hello is there any event that says if a block is placed on another (lava) ? basically what I wanna do is that I made a delayed block remover, (which deleted placed blocks after x seconds ), but the problem with that is that if the block placed on lava, the lava source (or fire or...) gets...
  18. Apollogeist

    Solved Spawn zombie at entity's position

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.4-beta7 Skript Author: ShaneBee Minecraft Version: 1.14 --- Full Code: on spawn of zombie: cancel event spawn 1 zombie at %event-entity%'s position Errors on Reload: Line 3: Can't understand this condition/effect: spawn 1 zombie at...
  19. J

    Help with packets

    I am currently confused and I'm trying to learn how to use packets. I am currently getting errors about the event being incorrect. on packet event play_server_chat: set {_message} to toReadableText("chatcomponent" pjson 0 of event-packet) if {_message} contains "&aTeleporting you to your...
  20. TechyGaming

    Solved How to add a permission to a custom command

    Hi, On my server, I have been working on a custom command that broadcasts a message to all players saying that there is an event running. I have setup the command and from what i understand it should work but i want the command to only be usable by a player that either has the permission...