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  1. H


    A Developer with experience in Minecraft servers. The server is an rpg server and will also contain elements from other styles of servers. REQUIREMENTS: - knows how to program characters, missions, money systems, worlds, lobbies, special weapons - knows how to program plugins
  2. NxunOnniluCrew

    Hiring Perm Skript Developer for MC Wonders Event [PAID]

  3. I

    Hiring Looking for voluntery skript devs

    Hi so me and my friend are working on this minecraft mmorpg using skript If you want to help it would be gladly appreciated! Note from the owner (my friend) "All money earned from this will mainly go to paying for server host if staff are actually going to get payed hasn't been decided yet it...
  4. DieHollander_

    Hiring <deleted>

  5. I

    Hiring Java developer...

    So, I need someone to make a skript addon... If anyone is willing to work for free, please message me via skunity. This is completely for personal use. Heres what I want: Effects: set [the] [app] icon of %player% to %item% set [the] name of [the] app of %player% to %text% [with color...
  6. S

    Hiring [TEMP] Skript developer for new server.

    Server/Alias/Discord HexedMC/SilentWitch/SilentWitch#1658 Perm or temp?: Temporary, though I will return to same developer for future needs. Basic idea of request: Server GUI using Multicraft and Bungeecord. I also will be asking recommendations...
  7. Wyatt Lipscomb

    Experienced Developer

    Name: Wyatt Lipscomb Experience: 2 Years Payment: $0 - Free Timeframe: I can make anything simple in less then a week. More complicated skripts may take longer. Addons: I am not very Experienced with skript addons, though I know how to use them. Contact: There are multiple ways to contact me...
  8. C

    Hiring Skript Plugin Developers needed

    Server/Person name: ChaoticMC/CodaPlays Brief about you: At least 1 year of Skript Developing knowledge. Perm or temp?: Temp Basic idea of request: Needs to be able to make basic Skripts. Budget/Offering: Offering flexible hours of working Wanted by/timeframe: At least wanted within a month...
  9. cheatchki

    Development (server or skript)

    Lately I have been bored out of my mind, and I would love to have a challenge. So if you want a special plugin made, or you want help developing a server, whatever it might be with minecraft, I am up for helping! experience: - 6 almost 7 years of Minecraft - about 5 years of minor redstone...