Hiring Looking for voluntery skript devs

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Jul 22, 2021
Hi so me and my friend are working on this minecraft mmorpg using skript If you want to help it would be gladly appreciated!
Note from the owner (my friend) "All money earned from this will mainly go to paying for server host if staff are actually going to get payed hasn't been decided yet it depends on how this thing goes"

Some Info:

--What is DungeonCraft?--
This is probably the first thing that comes to mind. DungeonCraft is (or will be) and MMORPG-styled game, complete with dungeons scattered across the map, bosses, an economy, custom mobs, quests, and more. It has 4 main skills and a 5th slightly different one:
- Swordplay, which is leveled by using a melee weapon
- Archery, which is leveled by using a bow
- Wizardry, which is leveled by using magical weapons
- Spellcasting, which is leveled by using spells
- Dungeoneering, which is leveled by doing dungeons
Each of the skills has something unique to offer, and some aspects of skills depend on another.

--How do I play DungeonCraft?--
Dungeoncraft is currently in its development phase. However, as we progress, we'll give you updates on major milestones until release!

--Is this related in any way to the DungeonCraft singleplayer mod?--
No. This is just a coincidence, and I apologize for any confusion you may have.

DM me IvyJam#0001