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Jun 26, 2017
Lately I have been bored out of my mind, and I would love to have a challenge. So if you want a special plugin made, or you want help developing a server, whatever it might be with minecraft, I am up for helping!

- 6 almost 7 years of Minecraft
- about 5 years of minor redstone (Not amazing at it but I would say I am in the top 20% of red stone ability)
- extensive command block + scoreboard knowledge
- about 3 months of rigorous skript practice, including a remake of plugins such as slimefun, essentials, permissionex, GAListener, and a HUGE sadly uncompleted cosmetics plugin(just became to big of a project with I think 1500 lines before I called it quits due to inconsistencies with code)
- Server development - Oh boy almost 1 year now I believe, I am very familiar with many popular plugins, and many unpopular ones, I know how to work with MySQL, SQLite, and YAML
- Server moderating - around 3 years now, started way back and slowly over time, been going from server to server. I would say by now I do have a pretty dang good call of judgement on if something is decent for any given environment.
- 4 months of BungeeCord

- If I enjoy something you can expect me to have it done pretty darn fast
- I love being apart of communities, probably one of my favorite things about minecraft, is you can just go find some servers, and sure enough you will find a community that you can fit in to.
- very well expereinced in server managment and development.
- I know a load of plugins that range from dynamic economies to growing drugs

- I do prefer having a say in what goes on, this meaning if I do most of the work for a server, I do expect to be treated more as a partner rather than a worker. This is only since I don't expect payment, along side I usually prefer not to take payment
- I have a tendency to go above and beyond, so lets say you asked me to create a voting plugin man I may end up pumping out a voting plugin with a crates feature installed, along with like 3 ways to work with it. granted you may like this sometimes it can be frustrating with me
- to be paired with my first advantage, if i dont like something I have a very very difficult time focusing, working, or mainly doing anything on it

what i am offering:
- If you want help with a server, I am offering to help out with it, I will not do everything on it though. I expect you to help out
- skript: if you want a plugin skript you will have to be very specific about what you want exactly. saying Oh I want a voting plugin isn't nearly enough. Else I will give you a very simplistic skript that anyone could write. I expect something like, Oh I would like a voting plugin that gave a user a reward based on probability, and the rewards are to be set in a GUI on the server.
- I do have limitations with certain things, if I feel a project is just to big for me, I will have to deny the request, but usually I am pretty open to most things

If you want to take me on, you can PM, or post on here your preference of contact, along with contact details. I usually go with discord as it is the easiest, but I am open for skype, steam, and teamspeak