console command

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  1. jxstinnn

    Color code format thru other plugin

    Hey guys, i made a skript for chatcolor voucher but im using a other plugin for the chat colors so now its. But because skript registers &3 as a color code its not sended as a message with the command. Does anyone have solution to this?
  2. V

    How to set block to end portal frame with eye

    Hey so I trying to make skript that on click on end portal frame its set to end portal frame with eye and the only option that woked is with set block but this is working just when I make the player execute... when I make the console execute its not working code: make console execute "make...
  3. I

    Console can't execute a world edit command

    CODE: every 2 minutes in "world": execute console command "//pos1 139,27,193" execute console command "//pos2 131,31,201" execute console command "//set 90%stone,10%iron_ore" # This is where the problem is! ERROR: Can't understand this condition/effect: execute console command //set...
  4. M

    Solved Tellraw in Skript

    Hello, I want to execute a /tellraw command as the console in Skript. My /tellraw command has quotation marks, but the code for executing a console command also needs quotation marks. How could I do this? (I hope my explanation on what I'm trying to do is clear) MatsGaming