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  1. F

    Moving hand without left or right clicking

    Hey everyone! This might sound a bit ridiculous but is there a way to move player's hand without them using mouse buttons? I only want the animation to be shown. Thanks in advance!
  2. G

    Solved Buy max option

    Im making a clicker server, and i want to add a buy max option. I dont know how to make that. My points variable is {%player%.points} and the point per click var is {%player%.pointsperclick}. Can you please make it? You can make the price for it and stuff, and ill change it!
  3. D

    Solved Can't compare 'line 1 of sign' with a text

    Hello, I having some issue on writing a skript for sign shop: on rightclick: block is a sign line 1 of sign is "[Shop]" player has 2 gold nuggets remove 2 gold nuggets from player give player 1 bread message "<light green>You bought a bread."...
  4. J

    Solved How to add a cooldown to a click skript

    mc version 1.16.2 skript version most recent This is the skript so far i wanted to add a 3 second cooldown, how could i? also if i could make it so the golden hoe has to be named a certain thing thatd be great :emoji_grinning: (i did the spacing wont show for some reason) edit: only addon i...
  5. H

    Solved Can't compare 'player's exp level' with an integer

    Hello, I am having a problem with skript. on click: if the 4th line of the lore of the player's tool is "&8Level 3": if player's level is lower or equal to 2: damage player by 5 hearts send "&c&lYou are not high enough level to use this item." to the player...
  6. T

    Solved Multiplier Clicker skript

    Category: / Suggested name: / What I want: I have a /shop command where it opens a GUI and there are gold blocks in it. I want to make it so when you click on the first gold block you lose 100 gold and you will get +1 gold each time you click on a gold block (so it will be 2 since you start...
  7. Skaya

    Solved Shift click in GUI

    Hi, How can i detect shift click in a GUI? Thx, Skaya :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Runakai

    Solved Shop

    Yeah, it's me again. So.. on inventory click: if event-inventory is not player's inventory: if name of player's current inventory is "&cErze": cancel event if clicked slot is 9: close inventory of player make player...
  9. Runakai

    Solved Inventoryclick

    Hey! I was skripting my shop skript and everything is working fine, but: on inventory click: if name of player's current inventory is "&cShop": clicked slot is 10: cancel event wait 1 tick open chest with 3 rows named "&cBlöcke" to player...
  10. L

    Click on the block in the region

    Good afternoon, my friend! I have a problem. I need that when I click on any block in the region, the value of the variable changes. on rightclick: loop all blocks in region{Ogorod}: # PROBLEM LINE if {Proverka} = 0: set {Proverka} to 1 if {Speed_Attack} = 1...
  11. A

    Solved Click Event Failing in Some Cases

    Skript and all addons: Skript v2.2-dev23. SkQuery v3.21.4, skRayFall v1.9.7, TuSKe v1.6.7, SharpSK v1.6.0, RandomSK v2.7.1, SkStuff v1.6.2. MC Version: 1.8.8. on leftclick holding mushroom stew: if player has permission "arim.soup": set {_prot} to spawnProt(player) if...
  12. cheatchki

    Solved Determine click type

    So this is probably a sad question, however I am new to skript and I can not find the answer anywhere anyways so I open a GUI as follows command /punish <player>: trigger: set {%player%.currentpunish} to arg 1 open chest with 6 rows named "&lPunish %arg 1%" to player...
  13. S

    How do I make clickable text?

    As in, say I run /team invite <player> and they receive the message "<player> invited you to their team! Type /team accept <player> or click here to accept" How would I make the "click here" text run a command?