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  1. A

    Script Emojis 1.1

    This script adds emojis to chat. For example: after you write :happy: it will change to happy emoji . It adds nothing more for now and there's not a lot of them, but still, emojis should be in minecraft (in my opinion) and this is a great start. ATTENTION: To use it you must have a resource...
  2. M

    Help on world chat.

    Hi , I want to create a skript , where each world has a different chat format. on chat: if event-world is "world": cancel event if player do not have permission "chat.owner": broadcast "%player's display name% &3&l» &b%message%" in player's world...
  3. P

    chat problems cant delete them from the chat

    how can i delete this <none> from the chat
  4. FusionCore

    /promote <player> [<arg 2>]

    command /promote [<player>] [<arg 2>]: permission: op trigger: player is set: arg 1 is set: arg 2 is set: if arg 2 is "default": if {default::*} contains %arg 1%'s uuid: send "&b%arg 1% already has this rank!" to player if...
  5. Navid

    i got some problems... and nobody helps

    soo, recently, i have posted 3 threads, and none if them have helped me, so please help me with them agian, here are some: unbreakable tool, with the nbt tag! give unbreakable dirt to player chat format, i need the group, like prefix or group "%group% %prefix%" on chat: cancel event...