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  1. L

    Afk Rewards

    I need help with my skript I am trying to make a skript that gives players a token every 3 minutes if they do /afk but it's giving everyone the tokens and I can't figure out why This Is The Skript: command /afk: trigger: send "&2You Are Now Afk" to player set {afk::%player%}...
  2. B

    Actionbar with AFK Skript

    Hello! I'm looking for an AFK Skript with an Actionbar or Title showing how long it will take until you get your next key. Thanks! Bindro.
  3. 2

    AFK-Rewards on certain WorldGuard region

    Category: Skript Suggested name: AFK-Rewards Spigot/Skript Version: Skript 2.6.4 - Spigot 1.13.2 What I want: Something that when you stay at a worldguard region called "afk" for 30minutes it will make the console execute command /example <player> and if you quit during the 30minutes, the...
  4. T

    AFK Heal

    I need a script which will slow heal you, when you stand on the one same block for 4 seconds. Help pls!
  5. IViddyy

    AFK Rewards

    Hi im trying to make afk rewards using worldguard but i cant figure it out can someone help me?
  6. N

    Solved Why does it crash my server after someone moves when he was afk?

    Well for some reason my code just makes the server crash when someone comes back from being afk. I have no idea why. Here is my code: command /setlimbo: permission: admin trigger: set {limbo} to location of player send "&eYou set the Limbo spawn to your current...
  7. FinalPlayer024

    Script AfkSystem 1.0

    :emoji_flag_us: A very easy-and-funny AFKSystem script. As soon as you go AFK, this script will teleport you in a safe place (set with an in-game command), and when you will get back to the PC, it will re-teleport you to your previous location! It has an "AFK-detect" system! :emoji_flag_it: Uno...
  8. GoldySlime

    Script AFKHolo 2.0.0

    AFKHolo Hologram Effect to show people that you are AFK-ing. Feature: -Hologram -AFK with Reason -Sounds -AFK Timer Plugins Needed: -Holographic Display -SkRayFall Note: No Permission Needed for this command Commands: /afk [<reason>]
  9. P

    Solved On afk

    Is there a way to do something with afk players?
  10. AFK room help.

    I've look so many sk file, but I could not find the best afk plugin, what I want is make player teleport to a specific afkroom by Skript automatic detect! here is following I've done with sk, but I don't know how to do the listener when player typed /afk and the sk will gets record a location...