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:emoji_flag_us: A very easy-and-funny AFKSystem script.
As soon as you go AFK, this script will teleport you in a safe place (set with an in-game command), and when you will get back to the PC, it will re-teleport you to your previous location!
It has an "AFK-detect" system!

Uno script AFKSystem molto facile e molto divertente.
Non appena vai AFK, lo script ti teletrasporterà in un posto sicuro (impostato tramite comando in-game), e quando tornerai al PC, ti ri-teletrasporterà nella tua vecchia postazione!
Ha un sistema di rilevamento-AFK automatico!
(Lo script è scritto in inglese.)

/afkloc (optional <set>): Set AFK location.
» /afkloc <clear>: Clear AFK location.
» /afk: Go AFK.

Skript, obviously
» SkRayFall
» SkQuery

Contact me on Telegram if you need!
@FinalPlayer024 (@SkriptGeT)
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