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Addon Vixio - The best Discord addon on the Market 2.0.4

Vixio, The Discord addon made for Skript to fit all of your Discord in Skript needs.

  1. Bug fixes

    This update just covered fixing some bugs for the upcoming year.
    -= Change log=-
    - Updated Vixio to the latest Lavaplayer and JDA
    - Fixed role removing
    - Fix another error people were having when checking the names of emotes in the emote remove event
    - Updated yet again to the latest version of soundcloud (Soundcloud changes often which is why Vixio's search for soundcloud frequently breaks) (It looks like Lavaplayer updated their manager for working with soundcloud so hopefully this fix is...
  2. Bug fixes, JDA4, and requested features

    This update re-worked Vixio to work with JDA V4 and the latest Lavaplayer. With updating Vixio to JDA4 new features became available and I've implemented the most obviously wanted from it.
    -= Changelog =-
    * Updated Vixio to JDA-4
    * Fixed exception being thrown in retrieve message
    * Implement attachment of message
    * Implement attachment type to get all attributes of the attachment
    * Added height/url/width of attachment.
    * Added attachment type to discord name of to get the file name.
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  3. Fixed youtube bug and added a few things

    This is a quick update, youtube updated their api which broke Vixio's playing. I've now updated it and it's been fixed.
    -= Changelog =-
    * Fixed Command system bug with getting mentioned users in dm's
    * No longer setting grabbed messages to null after its used and setting it to null when new messages are grabbed
    * Made name of and id of have a mandatory `discord` at the front to stop the annoying skript conflicts
    * Properly unregister commands on unloadAll
    * Added option to store the message...
  4. Rewrote Vixio to be smarter, way more powerful, and way way more convenient

    Vixio, the Skript addon created to fit all of your Discord needs.
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/kNHmqYH
    Github: https://github.com/iBlitzkriegi/Vixio
    Vixio has been fully rewritten! This means you will most likely have to rewrite your bots from the ground up. I would like to publicly thank @Pikachu for his large contributions in making Vixio 2 even possible, I can...
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  5. Resource update

    Posting this to get skunity up to date with the same Vixio version as Github/Spigot. This is basically 1.1.3 but with the login bug fixed.
  6. New audio player and many, many new things! Alone with the obvious bug fixes.

  7. Added most requested features and steam rolled a few more bugs

  8. New Events, Expressions and fixed 9999 bugs

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  9. Events Events Events! Along with syntax changes for beginners!

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  10. Few new effects and fixed a overdue bug fix!

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