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Addon Vixio - The best Discord addon on the Market 1.1.5

Vixio, The Discord addon made for Skript to fit all of your Discord in Skript needs.

  1. Blitz
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    Vixio, the Skript addon created to fit all of your Discord needs.
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pj7W3
    Github: https://github.com/iBlitzkriegi/Vixio
    Website: http://www.vixio.space/
    Vixio is a Discord addon created to help you make a Bot to fit all of your Discord needs. This addon was created through my love for Discord and through the help of a few developers within the community. Those developers being tim740 , Sashie , andrew28 , and Tlataoni. All of these people have really helped Vixio get to where it is today and without them it would be nothing. Vixio is light-weight but it's Jar size is large due to the massive libraries I have to shade into the jar to make it run on your server and not cause any lag. That's all I can honestly think to say about it, if you have any questions you can PM me or join the Vixio Discord server at https://discord.gg/9xQUk2d !
    Vixio features a wide range of ways in which you can fully customize a Skript Discord bot to all of your needs, why they may not all be added into the plugin yet, but you can trust all the features I can add to this addon will be added. It supports multiple bots to ensure you may have as many bots as you need, that way you can really have all the bots you need to meet your Discord Bot needs.
    Code (Text):
    2. [discord] user leave voice[[-]channel] seen by %string%
    3. [discord] member ban event seen by %string%
    4. [discord ]private message sent to %string%
    5. [discord ]guild message sent by %string%
    6. [discord] text[-]channel created seen by %string%
    7. [discord ]guild message receive[d] seen by %string%
    8. [discord] guild member join seen by %string%
    9. [discord] track (begin|start)
    10. [discord] [user] status change seen by %string%
    11. [discord] user start streaming seen by %string%
    12. [discord ]private message sent by %string%
    13. [discord] track (end|stop)
    14. [discord] user join voice[[-]channel] seen by %string%
    15. [discord] add reaction to message seen by [bot] %string%
    16. [discord] text[-]channel deleted seen by %string%
    17. [discord] user avatar update seen by %string%
    18. [discord] guild member leave seen by %string%
    Code (Text):
    2. current game of user [with id] %string% in guild [with id] %string%
    3. (amount|size) of %string%['s] guilds
    4. days running for (bot|user) %string%
    5. [discord] %string%('s|s) guilds
    6. users of bot %string%
    7. message with id %string% in textchannel %string%
    8. url of embed %string%
    9. mentions in message %message%
    10. seconds running for (bot|user) %string%
    11. duration of track %object%
    12. [discord] channel position of [channel with id] %string%
    13. users in guild [with id] %string%
    14. user with name %string%
    15. owner of guild [with id] %string%
    16. nickname of [user] %string% in [guild] %string%
    17. [event-]emoji
    18. guilds of bot %string%
    19. join guild [with id] %string% date of user %user%
    20. topic of channel [with id] %string%
    21. track [audio] player %string% is playing in guild [with id] %string%
    22. volume of player [named] %string% in guild %string%
    23. [discord] cleverbot response for %string%
    24. (time of system|system time)
    25. invites in guild [with id] %string%
    26. [discord] [online] status of %string% in guild %string%
    27. [discord] users with role %string% in guild %string%
    28. (amount|size) of %string%['s] users
    29. footer of embed %string%
    30. (min|minutes) running for (bot|user) %string%
    31. [event-]reason
    32. voice channel of [user] %string%
    33. text[channel] with id %string%
    34. position of track %object%
    35. thumbnail of embed %string%
    36. content of message %message%
    37. region of guild [with id] %string%
    38. discord name of %string%
    39. voicechannels of bot %string%
    40. title of embed %string%
    41. author of track %object%
    42. [discord] %string%('s|s) textchannel[s]
    43. [discord] mention tag of %string%
    44. fields of embed %string%
    45. [discord] pinned messages in channel %string%
    46. auth token of bot %string%
    47. id of %string%
    48. color of embed %string%
    49. [discord] size of (guild|server|voicechannel) %string%
    50. (avatar|icon) url of %string%
    51. identifier of track %object%
    52. join discord date of user %user%
    53. (runtime|uptime) of (bot|user) %string%
    54. [event-]channel
    55. user with id %string%
    56. [discord] roles in guild [with id] %string%
    57. title of track %object%
    58. hours running for (bot|user) %string%
    59. queue of [audio] player %string% in guild %string%
    60. text[-]channels of bot %string%
    61. author of embed %string%
    62. role[s] of user %user% in [guild] [with id] %string%
    63. [event-]mentioned
    64. desc[ription] of embed %string%
    65. [event-]status
    66. discriminator of %string%
    67. [event-]bot
    Code (Text):
    2. [discord] play audio %string% with [audio] player [named] %string% in guild %string%
    3. set footer of embed %string% to %string% [with icon %-string%]
    4. [discord] set nickname of user [with id] %string% to %string% with [bot] %string% in guild [with id] %string%
    5. send embed %string% to user %user% with %string%
    6. send embed %string% to channel %string% with %string%
    7. [discord ]login to user with token %string% with name %string%
    8. (make|create) embed %string%
    9. [discord] set channel [with id] %string% topic to %string% with [bot] %string%
    10. skip current track player [named] %string% is playing in guild %string%
    11. [discord] send typing in channel %string% with %string%
    12. [discord] set username of bot %string% to %string%
    13. [discord ]send ping to channel [with id] %string% as [bot] %string%
    14. (purge|clear) %number% message[']s in [channel with id] %string% with %string%
    15. [discord] set guild [with id] %string% name to %string% with [bot] %string%
    16. [discord ]reply with %string%
    17. set idle state of bot %string% to %boolean%
    18. (kick|remove) user [with id] %string% from guild [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    19. [discord] give role [named] %string% to user [named] %string% in guild [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    20. (reset|clear) [audio] player [named] %string% in guild %string%
    21. set thumbnail of embed %string% to %string%
    22. [discord] leave voice channel [with id] %string% with %string%
    23. [discord] pin message [with id] %string% in channel [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    24. set [audio] player %string% in guild %string% volume to %number%
    25. [discord] join voice channel [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    26. set title of embed %string% to %string%[ with url %-string%]
    27. stop playing track player [named] %string% is playing in guild %string%
    28. set author of embed %string% to embed titled %string%, with hyperlink %string%, iconurl %string%
    29. [discord] set avatar of [bot] %string% to %string%
    30. set [audio] player %string% in guild %string% [audio] paused state to %boolean%
    31. ban user [with id] %string%, purge messages [from last] %number% days, from guild [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    32. add field %string%, with value %string%, split %boolean% to embed %string%
    33. (clear|delete) embed %string%
    34. [discord] (make|create) [discord] [text-]channel [named] %string% in [guild with id] %string% as %string%
    35. [discord] set game of bot %string% to %string%
    36. [discord] set mention state of role [named] %string% in guild [with id] %string% to %boolean% as [bot] %string%
    37. [discord] set channel [with id] %string% name to %string% with [bot] %string%
    38. send discord message of %string% to user [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    39. [discord] (make|create) [discord] role [named] %string% in [guild with id] %string% with %string%
    40. [discord] (make|create) codeblock %string% [with lang %-string%] for %string% with %string%
    41. discord add reaction %string% to message %message% with bot %string%
    42. [discord] delete message %message% with [bot] %string%
    43. [discord] set voice[-]channel [with id] %string% name to %string% with [bot] %string%
    44. [discord] edit message %message% to say %string% with [bot] %string%
    45. [discord] (remove|take) role [named] %string% from user [with id] %string% in guild [with id] %string% with [bot] %string%
    46. set desc[ription] of embed %string% to %string%
    47. [discord ]upload file %string% [with message %-string%] to (channel|user) [with id] %string% as [bot] %string%
    48. set color of embed %string% to %string%
    49. [discord] logout of bot %string%
    50. [discord] set streaming of bot %string% to stream titled %string% with url %string%
    Code (Text):
    2. [discord] bot %string% is in a voice channel
    3. %string% is in a voice channel
    4. user %user% is bot
    5. bot %string% is playing audio in guild %string%
    6. channel named %string% exists in guild %string%
    7. message %message% is edited
    8. [discord] user %string% has role %string% in %string%
    9. bot %string% is logged in
    10. message %message% contains mention[ed users]
    11. embed [named] %string% exists
    12. %string% (begins|starts) with %string%
    13. online[[-]status] of user %user% is %string%
    14. user %string% owns message %message%
    15. [audio] player %string% is paused in guild [with id] %string%
    ✘ Move user in voice channels
    ✘ custom emoji support for reactions
    ✘ [discord] owner of %string% is user [named] %string%
    ✘ purge 100 <keyword>
    ✘ purge 100 <user>
    ✘ on user switch voicechannel seen by "bot"
    ✘ Add a way to ban users
    ✘ Audioplayer messes with "player" in skript commands
    Code (Text):
    2. on skript load:
    3.    login to user with token "TOKEN" with name "Rawr"
    4.    login to user with token "TOKEN" with name "Orianna"
    5. on private message receive seen by "Orianna":
    6.    if event-string begins with "Hey there %name of event-bot%":
    7.        reply with "Welcome to my PM's %name of event-user%! What's up?"
    8. on guild member join seen by "VixioSk":
    9.    send message "%mention tag of event-user% has joined the guild. Welcome %name of event-user%! %name of event-guild% is now at %size of event-guild% members" to channel "239191486447616010" as "Rawr"
    10. on guild member leave seen by "Rawr":
    11.    send message "%mention tag of event-user% has left the guild. Bye bye %name of event-user% :wave: ! %name of event-guild% is now at %size of event-guild% members" to channel "239191486447616010" as "Rawr"
    12. on discord user status change seen by "Rawr":
    13.    send message "%name of event-user%'s status changed from %event-oldstatus% to %event-status%" to channel "239191486447616010" as "Rawr"
    14. command /test:
    15.    trigger:
    16.        give role "Proficient" to user "98208218022428672" in guild "236641445363056651" with "Rawr"
    17. on guild message receive seen by "Rawr":
    18.    set {_args::*} to event-string split at " "
    19.    set {_command} to {_args::1}
    20.    remove {_args::1} from {_args::*}
    21.    if {_command} starts with "$ava":
    22.        set avatar of "Rawr" to {_args::2}
    23.        reply with "Avatar updated."
    24. on guild message receive seen by "Rawr":
    25.    set {_args::*} to event-string split at " "
    26.    set {_command} to {_args::1}
    27.    remove {_args::1} from {_args::*}
    28.    if {_command} starts with ".reset":
    29.        if bot "Rawr" is playing audio:
    30.            stop playing track with "Rawr"
    31.            reset player "Rawr"
    32.            reply with "You have successfully reset the player."
    33.        else:
    34.            reset player "Rawr"
    35.            reply with "You have successfully reset the player."
    36. on guild message receive seen by "Rawr":
    37.    set {_args::*} to event-string split at " "
    38.    set {_command} to {_args::1}
    39.    remove {_args::1} from {_args::*}
    40.    if {_command} starts with "$skip":
    41.        skip current track player "Rawr" is playing
    42. on guild message receive seen by "Rawr":
    43.    set {_args::*} to event-string split at " "
    44.    set {_command} to {_args::1}
    45.    remove {_args::1} from {_args::*}
    46.    if {_command} starts with "$nowplaying":
    47.        if bot "Rawr" is playing audio:
    48.            clear embed "Nowplaying"
    49.            set {_rawr22} to track player "Rawr" is playing
    50.            make embed "Nowplaying"
    51.            set title of embed "Nowplaying" to "Displaying information for the track that is currently playing"
    52.            set color of embed "Nowplaying" to "PINK"
    53.            add field "**Name**", with value "%title of track {_rawr22}%", split true to embed "Nowplaying"
    54.            add field "**Identifier**", with value "%identifier of track {_rawr22}%", split true to embed "Nowplaying"
    55.            add field "**Author**", with value "%author of track {_rawr22}%", split true to embed "Nowplaying"
    56.            add field "**Time**", with value "%position of track {_rawr22}%", split true to embed "Nowplaying"
    57.            add field "**Duration**", with value "%duration of track {_rawr22}%", split true to embed "Nowplaying"
    58.            add field "**Link to Audio**", with value "[%title of track {_rawr22}%](%{playing}%)", split true to embed "Nowplaying"
    59.            send embed "Nowplaying" to channel event-channel with "Rawr"
    60.        else:
    61.            reply with "The bot is currently not playing any audio!"
    62. on guild message receive seen by "Rawr":
    63.    set {_args::*} to event-string split at " "
    64.    set {_command} to {_args::1}
    65.    remove {_args::1} from {_args::*}
    66. on track begin by player "Rawr":
    67.    broadcast "%event-player%"
    68. on track end by player "Rawr":
    69.    broadcast "Picked up"
    70.    broadcast "%event-reason%"
    71. on guild message receive seen by "Rawr":
    72.    if name of event-channel is "cleverbot":
    73.        reply with "%cleverbot response for event-string%"
    1). Go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me and Click "New Application"
    2). Give the bot a Name under "APP NAME" then in the bottom right click "Create Application"
    3). After doing so you should see your new application, now under "'APP DETAILS" click 'Create a Bot User"
    4). Click "Yes, do it" on the confirmation screen
    5). Under "APP BOT USER" find "Token" and click "Click to reveal" and copy the token
    6). Inject copied token into login effect
    Code (Text):
    2. on skript load:
    3.    login to user with token "TOKEN_YOU_COPIED" with name "MyBotName"
    7). Invite the bot to your guild by getting the "Client ID" at the very top of the page and copy it
    8). With the Client ID take this link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=XXXXXXXXX&scope=bot&permissions=0and replace all of the X'S with your Client Id
    9) Restart your server after saving your Skript, and tada! You're wonderful created has come online in your Guild!

    My bot isn't coming online! Why!?!?
    If you are using the "on skript load" event you must restart your server after adding the login effect. This is due to this event only fires when the server starts.
    The edit message isn't working!?
    You may only edit messages that were sent by the bot, In Discord the only person who can edit a message was the sender.
    What do I put for the "Seen by %string%" or "with %string%" or even "with bot %string%"?
    Whenever you see these things it wants you to input the name of the bot you specified when you logged in. So if I logged in with "login to user with token "TOKEN" with name "VixioBot"" I would input "VixioBot" for the %string% in these things. So "with "VixioBot", "seen by "VixioBot"", etc..
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Recent Reviews

  1. C
    Version: 1.1.5
    Awesome but it needs two things:

    CONDITION: if event-message is in channel [id] %string%:
    EXPRESSION: event-message as text
  2. Offline
    Version: 1.1.3
    Good plugin!
    Altough, there are some errors with The latest version. (Look At Discussion. Me and BrettPlayMC wrote down the errors)
  3. DonaldTrump
    Version: 1.1.2
    Fantastic addon, discord is the best! :)
    I wonder if you could add a complete working bot example code in skript, so that it would be very useful to get used to the addon's syntax.
  4. Krazy
    Version: 1.1.0
    Awesome addon, it's awesome we are able to manage discord so easily now :)
  5. Amicus
    Version: 1.1.0
    Fantastic plugin, amazing support. I've been using the Addon / Plugin for a good while now, nothing but joy doing so.
  6. AquaticLlama
    Version: 1.1.0
    Arguably one of the best Skript addons there is! Vixio allows perfect discord - Minecraft integration and is wonderful for both network owners and players. Even the 5-star rating will not do it justice.
  7. TonyMaster21
    Version: 1.1.0
    This addon is awesome! I made a bot that connects with our Discord so our players can easily get information about the server and even listen to music! I would recommend this to all of my friends who own a server.
  8. HelloImJake
    Version: 1.0.8
    Great addon, so handy for connecting players to discord. The developer is so active, and always happy to help you out. Such a great addon.
  9. itismejoey
    Version: 1.0.8
    Awesome addon for any server owner that wants to connect their Minecraft server to Discord!
    1. Blitz