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Addon Vixio - The best Discord addon on the Market 2.0.7

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Pikachu920, SnowPyon
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
  3. 1.9
  4. 1.10
  5. 1.11
  6. 1.13

Vixio, the Skript addon created to fit all of your Discord needs.
Discord Server:
Website: WIP

Vixio is a light-weight Skript addon wrapped around Discord. It provides you with a built in command system, simple syntax. And powerful systems to allow for the quickest of responses. The best examples and support for it can be found in either your /plugins/Vixio/Syntaxes.txt file, or in the Vixio discord here:

Vixio offers many ease of access systems to allow for easy Discord bot development. From a built in discord command system that mimics skript's command system to a custom changer system that allows for things like `set the topic of event-channel to "t"`, which uses the event-bot and the input for the `topic of event-channel` to set the name of the channel!

1). Go to and Click "New Application"
2). Give the bot a Name under "APP NAME" then in the bottom right click "Create Application"
3). After doing so you should see your new application, now under "'APP DETAILS" click 'Create a Bot User"
4). Click "Yes, do it" on the confirmation screen
5). Under "APP BOT USER" find "Token" and click "Click to reveal" and copy the token
6). Inject copied token into login effect
on skript load:
   login to "TOKEN_YOU_COPIED" with name "MyBotName"
7). Invite the bot to your guild by getting the "Client ID" at the very top of the page and copy it
8). With the Client ID take this link: replace all of the X'S with your Client Id
9) Restart your server after saving your Skript, and tada! You're wonderful created has come online in your Guild!

My bot isn't coming online! Why!?!?
If you are using the "on skript load" event you must restart your server after adding the login effect. This is due to this event only fires when the server starts.
The edit message isn't working!?
You may only edit messages that were sent by the bot, In Discord the only person who can edit a message was the sender.
What do I put for the "Seen by %string%" or "with %string%" or even "with bot %string%"?
Whenever you see these things it wants you to input the name of the bot you specified when you logged in. So if I logged in with "login to user with token "TOKEN" with name "VixioBot"" I would input "VixioBot" for the %string% in these things. So "with "VixioBot", "seen by "VixioBot"", etc..
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First release
Last update
4.89 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Update to new Discord bot changes

  2. Bug fixes

    This update just covered fixing some bugs for the upcoming year. -= Change log=- - Updated Vixio...
  3. Bug fixes, JDA4, and requested features

    This update re-worked Vixio to work with JDA V4 and the latest Lavaplayer. With updating Vixio...

Latest reviews

Awesome but it needs two things:

CONDITION: if event-message is in channel [id] %string%:
EXPRESSION: event-message as text
Good plugin!
Altough, there are some errors with The latest version. (Look At Discussion. Me and BrettPlayMC wrote down the errors)
Fantastic addon, discord is the best! :)
I wonder if you could add a complete working bot example code in skript, so that it would be very useful to get used to the addon's syntax.
Awesome addon, it's awesome we are able to manage discord so easily now :)
Fantastic plugin, amazing support. I've been using the Addon / Plugin for a good while now, nothing but joy doing so.
Arguably one of the best Skript addons there is! Vixio allows perfect discord - Minecraft integration and is wonderful for both network owners and players. Even the 5-star rating will not do it justice.
This addon is awesome! I made a bot that connects with our Discord so our players can easily get information about the server and even listen to music! I would recommend this to all of my friends who own a server.
Great addon, so handy for connecting players to discord. The developer is so active, and always happy to help you out. Such a great addon.
Awesome addon for any server owner that wants to connect their Minecraft server to Discord!