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Script Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ Essentials Converter ✪ [1.9-1.13] ✪ Over 165 Commands! 3.2

A MUST-HAVE resource for any server! Packed with the most advanced, user-friendly commands ever!

  1. 1.13 Support Finally Here!

    We are back with updates and support of 1.13. Many changes in the

    + Replaced MundoSk with Kosmos, Skope and ThatPacketAddon
    + Removed Skellett as a dep
    + Replaced SkUtilities with skript-yaml
    + 1.13 Support!
    + Faster file system
    + Option to change currency symbol in config
    + more permissions for /repair
    + Fixed Teleport delay not working
    + Fixed vanish not refreshing when relogging
    + Fixed hiding join/leave message to specific players
    + First Join Spawn
  2. A lot of stuff

    Use /ue update to update automatically

    + Fixed Duplication bug with the new vault system
    + Fixed bug with warps showing in GUI without the permission for them
    + Change UEP vaults into Advanced Vaults (Other Resource of mine) SEE FAQs for Help
    + Vault Purchasing features
    + Vault icon editing
    + Better Vault naming
    + Permission based vault sizing
    + Fixed some Skript warnings
    + Fixed bug with /kit edit not letting you set the new cooldown or price properly (Thanks to...
  3. Fixed Tab header/footer bug


    use /ue update to auto update

    + Fixed bug where tab header and footer would be the same
  4. Bug fixes and more

    Use /ue update to update

    New Dependency: Skript-Mirror

    **Make sure to update your dependecies with the ones on the page**

    + Added ue.exp.others permission for performing exp commands on other people
    + Added /commandspy back in to UEP
    + Made all the Booleans and Numbers/Integers in the config actually Booleans and Numbers/Integers instead of strings
    + Fixed /helpop only sending to yourself.
    + /invsee permission to view without...
  5. Bug fixes and /kickall

    Use /ue update to auto update
    Make sure to install the latest dependencies (not needed, but recommended)

    + Fixed /fix all making notch apples into regular golden apples
    + Commandsign price per usage
    + Added /kickall (ue.kickall)
    + Fixed bug with kit GUI not showing kits even if permission is given
    + Fixed bug with kit cooldown timer
    + added /kits back to view kits available
    + Added a way to edit kits (/kit edit <kit> OR middle-click in the kit gui)
    + Fixed bug with...
  6. Eco fix

    Fixed a bug where /eco set would not give you the correct amount of money

    TIP: Do /ue update to update
  7. Installer Fix

    There was a problem where the default aliases file was no recognizing lime stained glass and enderpearls, the reason this bug slipped by us is because we were using the aliases file that we provide when you install, and if you haven't used the installer, you obviously don't have that, which caused problems. This is now fixed to work with the default aliases file and sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy!
  8. MASSIVE 3.0 UPDATE RECODE IS FINALLY HERE + EssentialsX Converter

    This is our biggest most ambitious update yet! We coded UEP from the ground up, recoding almost every single command! If there are any bugs please send us a message or contact us on discord!

    + EssentialsX Converter
    + Recoded/Improved ALL COMMANDS
    + Efficiency Update
    + UUID Supported GUI menus
    + Fixed spawn not working sometimes
    + Fixed god not working when player's hit you
    + Fix /world teleportation on top of nether
    + Fixed issue with signs giving permission messages errors