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  1. D

    Solved Scoreboard / Sidebar

    Category: Scoreboards / Sidebars Suggested name: doesn't matter. Spigot/Skript Version: What I want: so i have an OP prisons server, and i want a scoreboard for it. i searched on here & found some older requests with scoreboard skripts, tho i couldn't really get them to work, i always met...
  2. Dovias

    Minecraft font to Unicode font converter.

    Before: After: Have you ever wondered how to get unique fonts in to your minecraft server? Well this is now possible! Here's minecraft font to unicode font converter, which converts minecraft mapped font letters to unicode ones without having a hassle to convert texts by yourself using an...
  3. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. 0

    this will be reworked one day. What is Delza? Delza is your Minecraft core that can replace almost everything in your server! FEATURES: - Very unique first join and rejoins greetings from delza! - AutoBroadcaster - Hub Manager - Options GUI - New Settings! (BETA) (NEW) - Anti Swear...
  4. Pingusate

    Script angel | revamp soon. 0.99

    screenshots (imgur) commands: /ban <user> [reason] /kick <user> [reason] /warn <user> [reason] /unban <user> /ipban <user> [reason] /baninfo <user>
  5. HYPExMon5ter

    Script Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ Essentials Converter ✪ [1.9-1.13] ✪ Over 165 Commands! 3.2

    Ultimate Essentials Pro is a second take on Essentials that goes above and beyond. UE Pro includes all the features and commands you know and love in a completely different way. Through the use of GUI menus and beautifully recoded commands, UE Pro offers the best user-friendly command...