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Script Tebex API 1.0

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Supported Skript Version
  1. 2.8
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
This script allows you to access your server's Tebex data. It was coded using Skript 2.8 and skript-reflect 2.4. It does this by sending HTTP requests to the Tebex RPC endpoint, which should return the requested data.

The data is loaded using custom effects. Most of the effects follow the general pattern of load __ [to %objects%]. If no object is specified (like a variable, for example), then the last tebex result expression will be set instead. If one is specified though, then the expression won't be updated, and instead the object will be set to the loaded data.

Here are some very basic examples:
load all tebex packages into {_packages::*}

load tebex package with id 123456
set {_package} to last tebex result

This is just the first version of the script, so the code might be a bit finnicky and stuff, but I'll work on updating it in the future.

You can currently access the following Tebex data:
  • - information - returns a JSON
  • - all packages - returns JSONs
  • - a specific package (from it's ID) - returns a JSON
  • - checkout link (from player and package ID) - returns a string
  • - listing - returns a JSON
  • - sales - returns JSONs
You can also modify the following Tebex data:
  • - a specific package's name, price, and whether or not it's disabled
    • - This doesn't return anything, but it does modify the package on the Tebex store (or it did in my testing anyway).
    • - That being said, it seems to come back with an unexpected status code so use this cautiously.
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