Script Excavator 1.3.2

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
Adds excavators to your server.

This script requires Skript, SkBee, skript-reflect, and skript-gui. It was coded using Skript 2.7.2, SkBee 2.18.4, skript-reflect 2.3.1 (Shane's fork), and skript-gui 1.3.

Credit to @youcandream on Discord for the idea.

Getting an excavator:
  • Currently, running the /excavator (get|give) command will give you an excavator.
  • I plan on adding a recipe to craft them in the future.
Placing an excavator:
  • Place it anywhere and it will immediately start digging and storing the blocks in its area.
Picking an excavator up:
  • Click the excavator. This might be tricky, because the excavator moves after it breaks a block.
  • Picking an excavator up will drop the contents of it's storage. See the below section to see how to avoid this.
Collecting from an excavator:
  • Right click the excavator to open its Options menu. Left click the chest item to open whichever storage is currently selected.
Upgrading an excavator:
  • Currently, upgrading an excavator requires it to be running, right clicking it to use the Options menu, and clicking the pickaxe.
  • Upgrades cost money, which can be changed in the code.
  • In the future, I plan on adding a way for an excavator to be upgraded in it's item form (i.e. in an inventory, while being held, etc.)
For the most part, that should cover how interacting with the excavators work. I plan on updating this script to be easier to use and include more features.

Any suggestions or bug/glitches that you have or encounter are appreciated! Let me know at @cheezburga on Discord.
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