Script TablistManager 2.1

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Breaking Change:
You will need to run Skript version 2.8 for this version of TablistManager to work correctly!

  • This version has been tested with Minecraft 1.20.4 and Skript 2.8
  • Added a new command /tablist toggle , to toggle on and off the tablist - a config setting to do this have also been added
  • Added better tablist reset functionality
  • Added default tab name color support to reset and default value inside the tabname command
  • Added New Placeholders:
    • {ActiveItem} , Shows the player's holding item from the player's main hand.
    • {NonStaffOnline} , Shows the amount of online players without counting staff members.
    • {Group} , Shows the player's group, this require a permission plugin.
    • {FreeMemory} , Shows the server free memory.
    • {MaxMemory} , Shows the server max memory.
    • {TotalMemory} , Shows the server total memory.
After a long wait, I am finally ready to release the next TablistManager Update which contains features like blacklisted worlds, spectator support, better config structure with some more options. This update is focused on quality of life changes. The code has also been improved to make it more friendly to upcoming features in the future updates.

  • This version has been tested with Minecraft 1.20.2 and Skript 2.7.1
  • Rewrote player system (BREAKING CHANGE - to set the color of a player in the tablist you can use the ingame command /tab name %player% %tabname% or edit the Players.yml)
  • Re-added /tab help command
  • Added auto update config system (so the config now should try to automatic update itself when updated to a new version)
  • Added better readability to Config.yml (a lot of config changes, the code should implement your old data in the new config structure by itself)
  • Added blacklisted world support
  • Added hide spectator support + an config option to toggle it, enabled by default
  • Added config option to change tps performance value for the tablist to update
  • Added a config option to change default player color in the tablist
  • Added update check to join event
  • Cleaned up command aliases
  • A lot of improvements
  • This version has been tested with Minecraft 1.19.3 and Skript 2.6.4
  • Added a new command /tablist update <player> so you can update tablist for a specific player, without a player name you will update your own tablist
  • Added placeholder list to help section
  • Added money placeholder {money} (require CMI or Essentials for it to work)
  • Added player display name placeholder {displayname}
  • Added staff online placeholder {OnlineStaff} all staff members need to have tablistmanager.staff permission
  • Better player color name handling in tablist
  • Improved design and tooltips in the help section
  • Improved the default tablist example
  • Removed /tablist help command, from now on type /tablist to see the help section and /tablist update for the tablist to update
  • Fixed a conflict with player color in tablist (Hopefully last minor update for now)
  • Fixed a parsing issue with some Skript addons