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Addon Tablisknu 1.0-BETA.9

Tablists, skin modification, nametags, player heads, and more

  1. 1.0-BETA.9: Bug fixes (and a secret new feature)

    This beta version fixes an issue with the latest versions of Spigot 1.14.3, as well as the yellow and white full color skins.

    There's also a secret new feature included that's already tested but I needed to release these bug fixes sooner than I was willing to document it, so maybe you'll go peeking into the source code to find out what it is :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
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  2. BETA.8: Now compatible with Skript 2.4

    This update fixes an incompatibility issue with Skript 2.4 caused by depending on Skript's Color class which was changed in Skript 2.4. It also corrects the white full color skin to actually being fully white.
  3. BETA.7: Bug fixes

    This update contains important bug fixes, most significantly (#1) an issue where a player leaving and joining caused stack traces in console, and (#2) an issue with recent versions of Skript 2.3 where using the Retrieve Skin effect would clear all local variables.
  4. BETA-6: Full color skin presets and offline mode skin retrieval

    This update adds a couple of interesting features. First, the retrieve skin effect is now documented (totally a feature and not something that I thought was already done) and now you can actually retrieve player skins in offline mode as well (previously it would try to use the garbage UUID of the player, it now looks up the actual UUID from the player's name before retrieving the skin).

    The most interesting feature of this update is the inclusion of full color skin presets.
    `Full Color...