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Pikachu (made the installer for easy use)
Tired of the super old outdated existing sublime packages for Skript? Well, I was too so I decided to make my own that I will be updating and slowly adding most of every syntax, at the moment this is just for syntax highlighting, but soon I will add tab completion and some other stuff.

"My PC says this is a virus how do I know this file is safe??" Well, here is a virus report.
  1. Download and install Sublime Text 3 (if you haven't already).
  2. Download the zip file provided.
  3. Extract it on your Desktop.
  4. Open the exe file provided.
  5. Follow the steps and click yes when the dialog pops up to restart sublime.
  6. Follow this to enable the highlighting
  7. Enjoy!
  1. Download and install Sublime Text 3 (if you haven't already).
  2. Download the zip file provided.
  3. Extract it on your Desktop.
  4. Press the Windows Key + R and type "%appdata%"
  5. Go to the "Sublime Text 3" folder
  6. Then to the "Installed Packages" folder
  7. Drop the "Skript.sublime-package" file in there
  8. Follow this to enable the highlighting
  9. Enjoy!
First release
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4.00 star(s) 17 ratings

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Latest reviews

Awesome, good job bro! for the people who are facing problems installing it, make sure to read the installation guide at the spoilers above
The best syntax highlighter for sublime. I've tested a few and this one has been the best and i've been using for a long while
I already have downloaded it on my first computer and it worked and looked great, but now i am trying to download it on my 2nd computer but whatever i do, it is not working. would need some help please. I already tried the batch and the exe
Version: 3.2.2
I tried doing some stuff, Now it works! it looks very nice!
This does not work, version 3.2.1 of SublimeText.
I tried with the executable as well as the bat file.
Very good, thank you. It helps read the skript and the colors go very well together.
Doesn't work. Asked for help and still no response. Just white text in the sublime editor and two other people are saying this happened.
You left this reply 20 mins after asking for help, I have a job and go to school, can't be on skunity refreshing my page all day for people who need help, I would've gotten to you ASAP.
Great color scheme to make skripting easier & more fun!
I love this addon. I tried using other systems but this truly is the best. I would love to see an update, as it seems to be missing a few syntaxes, but other than that, its GREAT!
it looked really nice in some one's youtube video but i don't get it to work when i slelect skript at the way its supposte to according to but it just doesn't want to select any on the extension of the cyntax list but in the on the non extension of the cyntax list i can select it but when i try to type a caracter it crashes . help needed !!!!!!!!
You never even asked for help