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Script BedWars Pro ✦ Fully Automated Arenas, Shops & More 1.1

An amazing BedWars Plugin Just Like the BIGGEST MINECRAFT SERVERS

  1. HYPExMon5ter
    TheJimmyJ57 (Dev), Brofessor Ex (Benefactor)
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Welcome to the BEST BedWars Resource
    Created in the likeness of some of Minecraft's most POPULAR Servers
    BedWars Pro was created to be a plug and play resource.

    In its CURRENT STATE, Bedwars Pro is meant to run on its own server and be fully automated
    once setup. In the future Multi-World & Bungeecord options will be
    Team Colors Match Bed and Armor
    Bed Destroyed Warnings (+ Sounds)
    Victory [​IMG]
    Item Shop
    Team & Trap Shop
    Quest Menu
    Stats Menu
    Invite to Party Menu
    Party Members Menu
    Join NPCs
    Quest Master
    Item Shop NPC
    Team Shop NPC
    Lobby Scoreboard
    Game Scoreboard
    Diamond Spawner
    Emerald Spawner
    = Implemented = Coming Soon

    GUI-Based Arena Setup Menu
    Fully Automated Arena
    Spectator Mode
    Customizable Item Shop
    Customizable Upgrade Shop
    Customizable Trap Shop
    Game Joining NPCs
    GUI-Based Party System
    Hotbar based Party Invite System
    Game Sounds
    Game Titles & Action bars
    Diamond and Emerald Spawners
    Supports 1,2,3,4 or 8 person teams
    Join Signs
    Sudden Death Ending
    Custom Death Messages
    Custom Game Chat
    Plug-and-play Style
    Per-Arena Weather and Time settings
    Quest Master and Challenges GUI
    Bungeecord Support

    Test Server Coming Soon

    /bw lobby | Teleports player to lobby
    /leave | Leaves Game or Queue
    /party | Accesses party help menu

    /level | Accesses Level help menu
    /bedwars or /bw | Accesses Full Help Menu
    + All Player Commands

    bw.player | Gives permission to all commands & functions a player would need

    bw.admin.* Can be given to give ALL admin perms
    bw.admin | Base permission to give access to the help menu & Enable/Disable Arenas
    bw.admin.level | Access to /level command to modify player's levels
    bw.admin.setup | Ability to set lobby, create arenas, setup arenas & Create lobby NPCs
    bw.admin.files | Ability to reload and reset Config/Messages Files
    bw.admin.lobbybypass | Bypass all lobby build & damage protections

    Arena Join Signs:
    Coming Soon
    IMPORTANT: BedWars Pro in its CURRENT STATE, is meant to run alone on its own server. It will run fully autonomously on that server. ALSO, each new arena should be created in their own world for the best performance.

    To Install:
    1. Download the Depedencies from HERE
    2. Install to /plugins folder and restart your server
    3. Open /plugins/Skript and replace the old aliases-english.sk with the new one provided
    4. Then, place the remaining .sk files in /plugins/Skript/scripts
    5. Restart Server
    6. Enjoy [​IMG]

    Join the Discord for the fastest support. DM me on Spigot otherwise​
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Recent Updates

  1. Enhanced Setup Menu & Bug Fixes!

Recent Reviews

  1. Timrek123
    Version: 1.1
    No support at all. No tutorials. Avoid. The script is not commented enough for skript developers to fix stuff on their own. Could be one of the best scripts ever written with more effort from the developer.