SQLCOINS [Skript 2.2, skQuery, MySQL]

Script SQLCOINS [Skript 2.2, skQuery, MySQL] 1.0.000

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Hey, i have all installed and connected to mysql no errors but if i check /money they send me <none>
Is this skript allready updated with skellet and not SkQuery?
And if it is updated how do i use it now or is it the same?
Nah, didn't find some time to do that - but I will definetly update it in the future.
Nice, but Skquery mysql is broken and not supported with the "unofficial" skquery update, can you update this script using Skellett's mysql syntax? That would be really nice ;)
I will.
good script but " Current selection does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available."

I'd like to edit peoples gold through PHPMYADMIN

How can i fix htis?
Excellent script. Good for Minigame servers! Is there a way to add Scoreboards and Add the money to it so it shows you how much money you have on the scoreboard? :) Also, can this be added to Minigame scripts, so whenever you win a game you will get money and it will add +10 or something in the database? :)

Also, since you are good at MySQL + Script, please look at my post. (I need help)


Thanks for your review, I'm appreciating it!
SQLC contains a lot of API's which can be used very easy. So Just look for the right funtion and use it.

I'll take a look when I'm at home. :)