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  1. C

    Solved Why is my custom currency not working?

    Jello! I am working on a trail system and I was working on the /buytrail command. The skript has been succesfully reloaded but it doesn't work. here is the skript command /buytrail <text> <player>: permission: "buytrail.*" trigger: if arg 1 is "lime": if...
  2. R

    Help with Money

    Hello, I got a Token skript on my server (tokens = ingame currency) and you can see ur tokens on the scoreboard. I was wondering if there was any way to show them with a comma between the numbers. If a player has 10k Tokens it shows this: 10000 and I want it to look like this: 10.000 Is there a...
  3. HowTragicMate

    Physical Bank

    Category: Economy Suggested name: Physical Bank Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5-alpha1 (1.15.2) What I want: An item-based economy script, per default emeralds. The goals are to add a greater level of immersion, a generally more Minecraft-like feeling, and in the case of a PvP environment...
  4. V

    Script currency

    My vision is to have a custom made currency in game that players can earn to buy things with it like commands and ranks. I have finished the process of creating the currency. Players are able to pay each other with it. ops, and console are able to run the commands to add/remove the said currency...
  5. HiiqhFive

    Script SQLCOINS [Skript 2.2, skQuery, MySQL] 1.0.000

    SQL COINS for Skript 2.2 This script implements a currency with MySQL Integration of skQuery. PS: I hate designing ressource threads, thats why it's looking shitty. lol. DEPENDENCIES • Skript (at least version 2.2) • SkQuery • A MySQL Database HOW TO INSTALL 1. Install Skript v2.2 on your...