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Solved Why is my custom currency not working?

Discussion in 'Skript' started by CreatarYT, Jun 16, 2021.

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  1. CreatarYT

    CreatarYT Member

    Jun 16, 2021
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    Jello! I am working on a trail system and I was working on the /buytrail command. The skript has been succesfully reloaded but it doesn't work. here is the skript
    Code (Text):
    1. command /buytrail <text> <player>:
    2.     permission: "buytrail.*"
    3.     trigger:
    4.         if arg 1 is "lime":
    5.             if {boughtlime.%arg 2%} is false:
    6.                 if {points::%arg 2%} >= 10:
    7.                     send "&6Bought &alime trail&6!" to arg 2
    8.                     subtract 10 from {points::%arg 2%}
    9.                     set {boughtlime.%arg 2%} to true
    10.                     set {limetrailequiped.%arg 2%} to true
    11.                 else:
    12.                     send "toobroke" to arg 2
    13.             if {boughtlime.%player%} is true:
    14.                 if {limetrail.equiped.%arg 2%} is false:
    15.                     send "&6Equipped &alime trail&6!" to arg 2
    16.                     set {limetrail.equiped.%arg 2%} to true
    17.                 else:
    18.                     send "&6Unequipped &alime trail&6!" to arg 2
    19.                     set {limetrail.equiped.%arg 2%} to false
    I keep getting the "toobroke" message while my {points::%player%} are 30'

    EDIT: I got some help on discord and it turns out I just had to change the /setpoints command to number and not text
    #1 CreatarYT, Jun 16, 2021
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2021
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