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Addon SkWaze 3.0.9

The coolest Skript's addon

  1. Fixed holograms flickers and added some SkWrapper features

    Fixed holograms flickers (for now)
    Added condition hologram exists
    Added stop proxy effect for bungee
    Added stop server from template for SkWrapper, see SkWrapper topic for syntax
  2. Fixed an hologram bug

    Fixed hologram spawn that caused some problems
    Look at the doc.txt for the syntax!
  3. BungeeCord system updated for SkWrapper

    You now need BungeeBridge instead of Socket4MC and also for the bungee server connect effect.
    The system is now secured over BungeeBridge where you can set a password.
    Added the global online count expression for BungeeCord
    Other new features for BungeeCord will come soon! :emoji_grinning:
  4. Fixed hologram teleport syntax to support multiple locations

  5. Fixed holograms, new features and changed scoreboard system

    Holograms are fixed, you can now modify them and make them following you
    Scoreboard has been reworked with the Netherboard library for more flexibility
    New effects
    A new expression
    Be careful! a lot of syntaxes changed in this update, check them before report any error!
  6. Fixed hologram syntax

    Fixed hologram syntax to support multiple players
  7. Added HolographicDisplays support

    Added create and remove holograms effects and fixed some code
  8. Added some disguise features!

  9. More plugins support, new events and type

    Some code improvement
    More plugins support (Thanks ShaneBee) :emoji_wink: but no official support for 1.13, Skript also doesn't support 1.13 too so be patient!
    Horse jump event added
    Advancement done event added
    Advancement type added
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  10. Added Builder Effect to build some schematics