Addon SkWaze 3.0.9

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Jan 26, 2017
Weefle submitted a new resource:

SkWaze - SkWaze

The coolest addon of Skript! (1.12 only at the moment!)
- "[waze] (send|create) title %string% with [sub[title]] %string% (to|for) %player% (for|to) %integer% tick"
- "[waze] (send|create) action[bar] %string% (to|for) %player%"
- "[waze] (send|teleport) %player% to [bungee[cord]] server %string%"
- "[waze] (create|register) [new] recipe [for] %itemtype% with %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%"
- "[waze]...

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It's very simple, all of these features are already in other addons, they fit much better in them and most of them do it better. This is like the 5th or 6th add-on to have titles, action bars and boss bars. This is a deeply uninspired add-on, albeit I won't add a rating on it because it's not the proper way to judge an add-on as a whole. I can understand that this could be a training, and I'm not saying "don't do it", but if everything that's in your add-on is already repeated 5-6 times in other addons, then you should keep it private.
Well done, sorry for being mean earlier i just had a bad day.

Could you make bossbars 1.8 though? It'd be amazing. (For people who can't use skellett bossbar because 1.8)
can you help me? i don't get it how the scoreboard works. :emoji_confounded:
waze create scoreboard "Drink some milk!" of type "sidebar" to slot "1" and score "1" for line 1 to player
You should use FastBoard instead of Netherboard, fully supports more versions and doesnt require you to install it as a plugin