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Addon SkWaze 2.2.1

The coolest Skript's addon

  1. Weefle
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
    The coolest addon of Skript! (Reflection from 1.7 to 1.12?) It's up to you to test! :emoji_grinning:

    Download BossBarAPI for 1.8 BossBar support here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/api-bossbarapi-1-7-1-8-1-9-1-10.7504/

    You now need BungeeBridge for every BungeeCord utility: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungeebridge.5820/

    You need Netherboard to use scoreboards: https://github.com/MinusKube/Netherboard/releases

    You need HolographicDisplays to use holograms: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/holographic-displays

    If you want to use the citizen builder feature, all you need is just the Citizens plugin right here: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/citizens
    And my fork from the Builder plugin here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/builder-reloaded.55326/

    Code (Skript):
    2. [waze] (send|create) title %string% with [sub[title]] %string% (to|for) %players% (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    3. [waze] (send|create) action[bar] %string% (to|for) %players%
    4. [waze] (send|teleport) %players% to [bungee[cord]] server %string%
    5. [waze] (stop|end|shut[ ]down) [skwrapper] proxy [server]
    6. [waze] (create|register) [new] recipe[s] [for] %itemtype% with %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%
    7. [waze] (remove|clear|delete) [all] [craft[ing]] recipe[s]
    8. [waze] (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (and|with) color %string% (and|with) style %string% with id %string% (to|for) %players%
    9. [waze] (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (and|with) color %string% (and|with) style %string% with id %string% (for|and) %integer% second[s] (to|for) %players%
    10. [waze] (remove|delete|clear) [boss]bar with id %string% (of|for) %players%
    11. [waze] 1.8 (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (to|for) %players%
    12. [waze] 1.8 (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (for|and) %integer% second[s] (to|for) %players%
    13. [waze] 1.8 (remove|delete|clear) [boss]bar (of|for) %players%
    14. [waze] (change|set) sidebar %string% (with|and) score %string% (at|for) line %integer% (to|for) %players%
    15. [waze] (clear|remove|delete) sidebar (of|for) %players%
    16. [waze] (clear|remove|delete) line %integer% (of|from) sidebar (of|for) %players%
    17. [waze] (make|let) citizen with id %number% build schem[atic] %string% at [location] %location% (with|at) speed %number% (for|to) %player%
    18. [waze] (set|show) tab[list] (with|from) [head[er]] %string% (and|with) [foot[er]] %string% (to|for) %players%
    19. [waze] (set|show) name[tag] %string% (to|for) %players%
    20. [waze] (spawn|create|summon) [a number of] %integer% [of] %string%['s] particle[s] (to|for) %players% (at|from) %location% (and|with) offset %float%, %float%, %float% (and|with|at) speed %float%
    21. [waze] [auto]respawn %players%
    22. [waze] (add|create) [[a] new] [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    23. [waze] (start|begin) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    24. [waze] (stop|end) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    25. [waze] (disguise|transform|morph) %players% (as|in[to]) player %string% view[itself] %boolean%
    26. [waze] (disguise|transform|morph) %players% (as|in[to]) mob %string% view[itself] %boolean%
    27. [waze] (disguise|transform|morph) %players% (as|in[to]) misc %string% view[itself] %boolean%
    28. [waze] (undisguise|untransform|unmorph) player[s] %players%
    29. [waze] (create|spawn) [[a] new] hologram display[ing] %string% (at|from) %locations% (and|with) id %string%
    30. [waze] (delete|remove|clear) hologram with id %string%
    31. [waze] (teleport|move) hologram with id %string% (to|at) %locations%
    32. [waze] (set|change) line %integer% (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) %string%
    33. [waze] (set|change) line %integer% (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) item %string%
    34. [waze] (add|append) [a] new line (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) %string%
    35. [waze] (add|append) [a] new line (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) item %string%
    36. [waze] (clear|remove|delete) line %integer% (at|from) hologram with id %string%

    Code (Skript):
    2. [waze] jump[ing]
    3. [waze] swim[ing]
    4. [waze] horse jump[ing]
    5. [waze] advancement [(done|obtained|won)]
    Code (Skript):
    2. [waze] [number of] online player[s] on bungee[cord]
    3. [waze] %players%['s] ping [list], [waze] ping [list] of %players%
    4. [waze] %players%['s] [boss]bar [list]", "[waze] [boss]bar [list] of %players%
    5. [waze] %players%['s] disguise [list]", "[waze] disguise [list] of %players%
    6. [waze] hologram['s] list", "[waze] list of hologram
    Code (Skript):
    1. advancement
    Code (Skript):
    1. holo id %string% exist[s]

    To do:

    ✘: Not featured
    ✔: Already featured
    ⌛: Working on

    - holograms ✔
    - more scoreboard features ✔
    - tablist ✔
    - autorespawn ✔
    - more bungee features (sockets/messages) ✔
    - nametag ✔
    - particles ✔
    - sql ✘
    - gui ✘
    - worldedit (schematics, citizens/builder, copy/paste) ⌛
    - worldguard regions ✘
    - discord support ✘
    - web requests ✘
    - work on jump and swim event ✔
    - effects support all players ✔
    - advancement features ✔
    - more reflection ✔
    - disguise ✔
    - npc ✘
    - yml ✘
    - minigame support ✘
    - villager trade ✘
    - bossbar rework ✔
    - bossbar 1.8 ✔
    - supply crate ✘
    - more expressions and more events ✔
    - actionbar < 1.12 compatibility ✔
    - servers manager wrapper for bungee ✔
    - your ideas ⌛

    Issues, report or questions:

    - https://github.com/Weefle/SkWaze/issues

    - https://discord.gg/yhAPSSS

    - https://www.paypal.me/weefle
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Recent Reviews

  1. JustADev
    Version: 2.2.1
    Can you please add a feature to make it so you can hide/show holograms to certain players? Nice work
  2. SirSabo
    Version: 1.8
    Very nice Addon and a very nice developer!
    + Helps me directly via Discord c:
    1. Weefle
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for review <3
  3. M
    Version: 1.3
    Amazing, addon. Maybe make 1.8 support for bossbars?
    1. Weefle
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'll look at this! :D
  4. Wynnevir
    Version: 1.1
    Nice! works well for me^-^
    Also to the review below, let 1.8 die already. No support for outdated version is no reason for a bad review.
    1. Weefle
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review, I'll add new stuffs soon, don't forget to suggest new stuffs in the discussion section! :D