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Addon skUtilities 0.9.2

[Conversions|Files|& More] [Java 8+, Sk 2.2+]

  1. 0.9.2

    Removed Debug testing messages
    Removed McStats
    Changed some startup messages
  2. v0.9.1

    Code (Text):
    2. number of (cpu|processor) cores
    3. (cpu|processor) core count
    4. ^ Returns number of cpu cores
    6. name of (cpu|processor)
    7. (cpu|processor) name
    8. ^ Returns the name of the cpu and model
    10. arch[itecture] of (cpu|processor)
    11. (cpu|processor) arch[itecture]
    12. #Returns the Architecture of the cpu
    Improved Error Messages, Made them more clear and more Custom:

    Updated Base64 Encode/Decode (games647)
    Updater Check Sync (games647)
  3. Files, Execute bash/batch code and more

    Code (Skript):
    2. file %string% is a dir[ectory]
    3. file %string% is(n'| no)t a dir[ectory]
    4. #checks if path is dircetory
    6. relative path of %string%
    7. %string%'s relative path
    8. #Gets relative path
    10. short path of %string%
    11. %string%'s short path
    12. #Gets short path
    14. on (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) (run|execute)
    15. #Event: Triggers when you use Run Command cancelable
    17. run (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) %string%
    18. #Excutes command in skript
    19. #Windows: cmd /c <command>
    21. [last ]output of executed...
  4. Fixes and Dates

    Code (Skript):
    1. %string% parsed as date[ formatted as %-string%]
    2. #parses a string date as a date
    4. (year|month|month name|day of year|day of month|day of week|day name|hours|minutes|seconds) from date %date%
    5. date %date%'s (year|month|month name|day of year|day of month|day of week|day name|hours|minutes|seconds)
    6. #gets information from a date
    Fixed CondFileExists syntax
    Tweaked update messages
    Changed `ERROR` to `WARN` in chat error messages
    New checks added to download file
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