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Addon skUtilities 0.9.2

[Conversions|Files|& More] [Java 8+, Sk 2.2+]

  1. Files, Execute bash/batch code and more

    Code (Skript):
    2. file %string% is a dir[ectory]
    3. file %string% is(n'| no)t a dir[ectory]
    4. #checks if path is dircetory
    6. relative path of %string%
    7. %string%'s relative path
    8. #Gets relative path
    10. short path of %string%
    11. %string%'s short path
    12. #Gets short path
    14. on (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) (run|execute)
    15. #Event: Triggers when you use Run Command cancelable
    17. run (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) %string%
    18. #Excutes command in skript
    19. #Windows: cmd /c <command>
    21. [last ]output of executed (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd)
    22. [last ]executed (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd)'s output
    23. #Returns last executed command's output
    25. system property (os arch|os name|os version|java home|user dir|user home|user name|user lang[uage]|user timezone|line separator|file separator|path separator|file encoding)
    26. #Gets a System property
    28. (operating system|os) is (windows|mac|linux|unix|solaris|sun os|hp ux|aix|irix|free bsd|open bsd|net bsd)
    29. (operating system|os) is(n'| no)t (windows|mac|linux|unix|solaris|sun os|hp ux|aix|irix|free bsd|open bsd|net bsd)
    30. #Check's if your server's os is a certain os
    Fixed Is File
    ExprLoaded Optimized
    Optimized other classes

    Now using bStats and mcStats (mcStats will be removed if it doesn't come back online in a later update!)


    Disclaimer: This addon can damage your server if used wrong or used in malicious manner, Double checking code is Advised, I take no responsibility for any damage caused, I've tried to make this addon as powerful and non-restrictive as possible!
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