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Script Skript Updater 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.9
  2. 1.10
  3. 1.11
  4. 1.12
  5. 1.13
  6. 1.14
  7. 1.15
  8. 1.16

Updating your Skript has never been easier!

Skript Updater automatically updates your installation of Skript to the latest release using Skript's native update checker. It runs automatically when the server starts or when the Skript Updater file is reloaded, ensuring you never have to worry about updating Skript ever again!

Skript Updater only requires one addon: skript-mirror.
You can download skript-mirror 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT here.

Skript Updater automagically checks if your version of Skript is the latest possible version, and if not, it downloads the latest version for you. You don't even have to rename anything, it overwrites your current JAR file regardless of what the file is named!

Start using Skript Updater and never worry about being on the newest release of Skript ever again!

Skript Updater is planning on releasing support for Windows. That being said, the server currently locks plugin jarfiles from being modified while it's running using Windows file handles.

Skript Updater does not and will never support any release of Minecraft incompatible with the latest release of Skript. It does not check the version of Minecraft you are running.
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