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  1. erenkara

    Addon SkReloader 1.0

    A simple addon for automatically reloading scripts when you save the file. No setup is needed. Just drag and drop and forget about it. The console and every player with the skreloader.message permission will see the reload messages and script errors. *Note: When you create a new file...
  2. X

    auto compressor please help. (i made the compressor just need help making it auto)

    command /compress: trigger: if player's inventory contains 48 cobblestone: remove 48 cobblestone from player's inventory give player shiny stone named "&7&lCompressed Cobblestone" execute player...
  3. B


    I need skript that does the following. When you open a enchantementtable there is 64x lapis lazuli waiting for you there. You can't move them or take them. Only use them. Hello any help
  4. KingDooms

    AutoPickup skript works with Fortune

    Can someone make a autopickup skript that works even with fortune?
  5. A

    Solved Auto-Clear-Chat

    Hello, i resolved a lot from my skript, but I don't know this error: can't understand this event: 'loop all players' This is the skript: every 30 minutes: loop all players: send "&c&lCHAT &8&l» &fChat-ul tau va fi sters automat in &c5 minute&f!" to loop-player wait 4...
  6. R

    Script AutoMessage | Advanced, No YAML 2017-03-04

    Auto Message! A must have for every skript based server! Automatically broadcasts messages after set time peroid! Commands: - /automsg [Arguments] - newmsg - delmsg - listmsg - setdelay Permissions: - automsg.cmd Enjoy!