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Skript Tools Skript UDL for Notepad++ (Newer) 1.0

Np++ UDL for Skript

  1. NCSGeek
    Hello Skript community!

    I wanted to make a Skript Notepad++ UDL since the old one: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/dark-vs-light-notepad-udl.156/
    I couldnt get working anymore.

    To use this UDL, download the .xml file. Then, since this dark UDL was made for usage along with the "Obsidian PyCs" theme for NP++, download that and set it as your theme. (If it helps, or the link for the theme is unfindable, here is my theme file which you can import: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bcqlpqcwvlbccrr/Obsidian_PyCs.xml )

    After you set it as your theme, simply import the .xml UDL file that you downloaded earlier. I have made a gif of how to import the .xml if that is helpful. [​IMG]

    What I'd like to work on is:
    • Support for the common addons (Umbaska, etc)
    • A light version of the UDL. (Though you can do this my swapping out the background color for each setting to the background color of your theme)

    Issues I need to fix:
    • Using chance effect has issues since it uses a single percent symbol
    • Some people comment # like this # which causes some issues.
    • Percent symbols within variable sometimes cause issues if there are more than 2 percent symbols.
    • Events are not always colored correctly

    Suggestions are very wanted for these issues. This is my first UDL in Notepad++. Thanks, and I hope someone finds it of use!
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