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Script [SKRIPT] Fancy Backup 1.0

Player inventory backup plugin

  1. vLorenzo
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.19

    This script could help you as it saves and creates a backup of each player's inventories when they die, are killed, or when they leave the server, I think it is very useful especially for survival, faction or other similar servers, because it is much more comfortable take a backup when needed, rather than asking what items the player had, in this way abuse, false reports or other things are avoided.


    The script is in beta so if there are bugs I highly recommend contacting the author of the plugin and not writing any discussions in the rating system

    Be very careful when editing any lines of code because it could cause the plugin to malfunction




    How to install

    To install this script, you should install one of the most recent versions of the skript.jar plugin that you can find on the internet, once this is done restart the server in this way it should create the appropriate folders for the plugin functions, then insert the downloaded file in .sk format in the skript/plugins folder.