Fancy AFK

Script Fancy AFK 2.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16
Supported addons

Multiverse core
Luck Perms

Required addons



Changing the plugin requires high accuracy, if the time between one variable and the other is also changed it could cause bugs that can cause the plugin to malfunction


  • This plugin allows players to be brought to the afk spawn point, when they execute the afk command with the motivation.
  • The multiverse is supported for your afk dream world, so there is no problem setting spawn on a different world, but if you don't feel it necessary you can still set up spawn in the world where players do their activities.
What is important to this plugin besides the multiverse?
  • Offers combatlog included protection, it is not possible to go afk while under attack, the time required before having to go afk is 10 seconds after the damage received

  • Included with safety system for any accidents while players are in afk mode. In case the player leaves the server or is kicked from the server due to a connection crash while afk, he is automatically protected on his return, automatically reactivating afk mode when the player joins the server

  • it is possible to set a custom sound when a player goes into afk mode or exits afk mode

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/afk reason
To go afk mode

go in to the maked afk spawn

/afk info
show afk and protecteds afk players

/afk setspawn
Set the spawn location of the afk position

/afk admin reset
If you encounter any errors or bugs try to do this command

/afk soundjoin sound
Set the sound when a player goes afk

/afk soundexit sound
Set the sound when a player exit from afk

afk.admin required for setspawn and reset the plugin

How to install

To install this plugin, you should install one of the most recent versions of the skript.jar plugin that you can find on the internet, once this is done restart the server in this way it should create the appropriate folders for the plugin functions, then insert the downloaded file in .sk format in the skript / plugins folder.
To enable the plugin go to minecraft and type / sk reload pluginname

If you get any errors try installing skquery.jar / skrayfall.jar
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. system protection - custom sounds - players info

    added text quotes for /afk+admin+command staff Various text quotes bugs have been fixed it...
  2. The server exit variable was set to 1 due to an oversight

    The server exit variable was set to 1 due to an oversight on quit: if {afk.%player's...