[SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners

Script [SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners 2.0

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There are a lot of suggestions I receive for this resource, but it is difficult to include them all I focus on the most important ones and try to balance them equally. I try to prioritize features that are essential for users, but also consider features that would benefit in the long run.


  • Added a new option called spawner-speed, which allows the user to dictate how fast the spawners will spawn drops. please read the notes before changing this option.
  • Added another new option called locked-spawners which prevents players from changing or destroying locked spawners without permission. It also prevents players from abusing locked spawners to gain an unfair advantage. This option is false by default. if the option is true, your spawner will be automatically locked once it is placed.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed a parse bug for the permission-required option.
  • Upgrade counter.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed the silktouch bug.
  • Fixed the xp dupe.
  • Add an option to disable and enable fuel
  • Redesigned the GUI
  • The XP has been nerfed
Bug fixed:
  • The lore bug has been fixed
  • Fixed bug where fuel did not fill up if spawner-hoppers were enabled
  • Code is much cleaner and easier to understand
- A spawner will take fuel from a hopper facing it if the hopper has fuel in it
- The script now only works on skript 2.7
- By right clicking on the fuel, you can automatically fill it with all the coal you have in your inventory.
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