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API SkPapi 1.0-BETA.7

Skript API especially for packet stuff.

  1. 1.0-BETA.7 - Objectives, metadata and code optimizing

    • Removed command
    • Version check is now more optimized
    • All syntaxes are now more optimized
    • Variables now have "-" prefixes
    • PacketListenerNMSK is now part of SkPapi because of some protocolLib glitches, thanks to TPGamesNL
    • Entity type ID now works a bit better, I still recommend checking IDs manually
    • Added expression for Biome IDs
    • Added expression...
  2. 1.0-BETA.6 - Bug fixes, new effects

    • Added effect for making player sleep
    • Added effect for waking player up
    • Added effect for reading content from the website using Reqn
    • Added effect for picking up items client-sided
    • Added effect for changing player's camera
    • Added effect for setting passengers of entity client-sided
    • Updating the client-side team didn't work
    • All syntaxes now use numbers instead of integers because Skript handles them poorly
    • And some other small changes
  3. 1.0-BETA.5 - World borders, sign guis, events

    • Added full client-side world borders support
    • Added full client-side sign guis support
    • Added full client-side resource packs support
    • Added expression for getting entity type ID
    • Added effect for displaying/canceling block break animation
    • Added event for receiving messages, can work as a logger and can replace messages from other plugins which can't be configured
    • Added event for block update, you can detect the change of all in-game blocks
    • Added event for getting...
  4. 1.0-BETA.4 - Teams and Bossbars!

    • Added full client-side boss bar support
    • Added full client-side teams support
    • Added effect to crash player's client
    • Added support for client-side tablist header and footer
    • Added /papi command
    • API now has documentation
    • And some other small changes
  5. 1.0-BETA.3 - Armor stands!

    • Added effect for playing animations such as swinging/taking damage
    • Added effect for making client-side entity invisible
    • Added effect changing the name of the client-side entity
    • Added armor stand support
    • Added effect for rotating individual parts of client-side armor stands
    • Added effect for changing types of client-side armor stands
    • Added effect for rotating client-side entities
    • Move client-side entity effect now works properly
    • Get entity type ID effect...
  6. 1.0-BETA.2 - Code clean up!

    • Removed UUID from MojangAPI and skin from MojangAPI expressions, use effects instead
    • Removed connect expression
    • Removed honey effect
    • Better example codes
    • Added custom UUID option for client-side mobs
    • Added team id option to hiding player's nametag
    • Added remove team effect for better manipulation with tags
    • Added effect for setting cooldown of items for each player
    • Added event for start/stop digging block and releasing, switching, or dropping items...