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Addon SKNoise | The Addon to Generation 1.0

The Addon That Includes Noise! (No, not sound.)

  1. Complete Revamp

    Update 1.0

    This update is a complete recode of skNoise, bringing in a new way to handle generators, more ways to edit a generator and its values

    Generators are now actually an object compared to constructing the entire generator through one line.
    You can save a generator to a variable now as well!

    Here's a quick example of creating a new generator, editing some values, and using it:

    Code (Text):
    1. command /noise:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         set {_gen} to new simplex generator with...
  2. Fix Voronoi Noise

    This update fixes voronoi noise bugs from 0.1.8
  3. SKNoise | Voronoi Noise


    - Voronoi:
    [sknoise] voronoi [noise] at [x] %number%[,] [[y] %-number%[(,|[,] and) [z] %-number%]] [with cell values]
    [sknoise] voronoi [noise] at (loc|location) %location% [with cell values]

    Get's the voronoi noise at a location, voronoi noise in simple words is a plot of distance between points. (Wiki)...
  4. Normalized, bStats, and more

    I lowkey forgot to update the resource here, this is a quick summary of what was changed.

    The expression was made more efficient

    Noise Noise expressions were given a syntax to allow locations ((perlin|simplex) noise at %location%)

    (0.1.2 - 0.1.4)

    Seed Seed expression was originally set to return a list, this changed that
    Noise These expressions were given parameters for octaves, frequency, and amplitude! Also fixed an issue...