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Addon SKNoise | The Addon to Generation 0.1.9

The Addon That Includes Noise! (No, not sound.)

  1. ReportCards
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    The Addon That Includes Noise! (No, not sound)
    The addon is still in a heavily early build and will have more to it soon. I am still somewhat new to Java so the code may not be the best, but within test runs I can generator 1 million perlin values in 0.6 seconds (With nothing but setting a local variable to the value.)

    This addon allows you to get perlin and simplex values within an expression, and allows you to change the perlin and simplex seeds separately.


    Perlin Noise | Obtain a perlin noise value at the given location
    Simplex Noise | Obtain a simplex noise value at the given location
    Voronoi Noise | Obtain a voronoi noise value at the given location
    Perlin Seed | Get/Set the perlin generator seed.
    Simplex Seed | Get/Set the simplex generator seed.
    Voronoi Seed | Get/Set the voronoi generator seed.
    Average | Get the average of the provided numbers

    You can view more information about the expressions on the GitHub release. https://github.com/ReportCardsMC/SKNoise/releases/tag/0.1.7

    (We also have SkriptHub documentation, working on SKUnity documentation as well)