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  1. Zyro Studio

    Script Chat Game | Make your chat more active! 1.0

    Easy Setup! Can run without any configuration. Almost everything can be changed in options. 2 Type of Games! Reaction & Math Problems. Premium quality but FREE! /chatgame <start/stop> Start or stop the chat game. Permission: chatgame.admin Alias: /cg Make sure you have Skript plugin...
  2. Shroob

    Script BEMLE (Basically Every Math Library Ever) 0.0.3

    (DEPRECATED) skript but it has more math functions I find useful functions: Math_Sign(number): returns -1 if number is negative, 0 if number is 0, 1 if number is positive Math_IsFinite(number): returns false if number is infinite, returns true if number is finite Math_Factorial(number)...
  3. FindME

    Solved How do i add weight to an item so like 1/2 or 1/4 like chances of getting item

    on step on pressure plate: if event-block is a iron pressure plate: if block below event-location is iron block: set {_number} to a random integer between 1 and 4 if {_number} is 1: give player iron nugget named "&fIron Nugget" with lore "This...
  4. X

    Solved [Help] An arrow leading to player

    Hi, Im trying to make that when /point <player> command is executed there will be an send title action to tell player how to reach the arg-1 player the fastest example Right, Left, Down, Up, Forward, Backward I'm very confused about this and my math is not enough :D Here is what i have right...
  5. KingDooms

    Variables don't check other variables???

    So basically, I was making a cooldown command, incase any cooldown that I make gets stuck, but for some reason, it doesn't work. Basically how it works is it checks for any variable (that I manually insert) that is more than 0, we will call this a check, after 5 ticks, which should be enough for...
  6. K

    Script Calcalator v0.1

    Calcalator the script that no one asked for... How to use To use it you write /calculate <math symbol> <integer> <integer> if you need more help do /calculate help Conclusion this is one of my quickest uploads for a skript.
  7. A

    Solved how to make a rebound ? (advenced math)

    Hi everyone (I'm FR, sorry for my english)! I have my own projectile trajectory system based on the reality. This cool system allows me to predict the trajectory of my projectile even before firing (in 1 tick)! How to calculate a projectile rebound against a block ? (I'm talking about a...
  8. Syst3ms

    Addon Skuared - Math 'n algorithms 'n stuff 1.1-pre

    Skuared is a Skript addon adding diverse mathematic and algorithmic features. Documentation can be found on Github, but maybe I'll add some doc here too. Features : Evaluating math expressions Levenshtein distance Summations/Sigma Limits Derivatives Integrals maff
  9. Pikachu

    API SexyShapes 1.0

    SexyShapes SexyShapes is essentially a remake of skqGeometry using it's algorithms (shortened a bit) and with a working cube generator. You can do lots of cool things with SexyShapes because unlike skqGeometry, SexyShapes returns locations instead of just limiting you to making particles. With...
  10. MrPannkaka

    Make skript like numbersmore

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev26f) Skript Author: Njol and those guys Minecraft Version: 1.11 --- Full Code: command /fac: trigger: set {_facnum} to 1 + 0 loop 45 times: set {_facnum} to loop-number * {_facnum} broadcast "%{_facnum}%" so what i tried to...